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Nov 2016

100% Customizable Retirement Gifts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can’t afford to screw up when it comes to retirement gifts. Unlike a birthday, you can’t try and do better next year. Once this person retires, that’s it.

So you’ve got to give a gift that says everything you want it to. A gift that leaves an impression. A gift that summons tears – be they sentimental or because your gift was just too hilarious.

Want to see more? Check out our gallery of fun, sentimental, tear inducing retirement gifts!

Jun 2016

Signable Wedding Caricature

I got married last month!

We had a small wedding, with just family and a few of our closest friends — and our dogs. It was a simple and casual outdoor wedding, hidden in the beautiful woods of New England. While planning, my then-fiancee and I wanted a truly unique wedding. A dog as a ring-bearer, our DJ dressed up as Batman, etc.

So when it came time to pick out a guestbook for people to sign, we knew that had to be unique, too. Enter Eric Jones — the caricature artist I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 3+ years.


He drew the perfect scene for us! I had to provide him with separate photos of my face and the hairstyle I’d have for the wedding, but he got it just right. Not to mention, our well-behaved pooch, complete with his vest, ready to bear rings — and the troublemaker in the back, digging into the wedding cake. Too cute!

Then we had it framed with one of our signable mats. Our guests were blown away by the likeness of the caricature and unique alternative to a traditional guest book. It was a perfect addition to our perfect day!


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Feb 2016

National Doctors’ Day!

Since time immemorial, physicians have pledged to be healers and caregivers. Whether they are giving us a preventative flu vaccine or performing an emergency surgery, doctors make up some of the very best of our society. So it only makes sense that we dedicate a national holiday to them – Doctors’ Day, on March 30th.

This is going down as one of my all-time favorite doctor gifts. This doctor was a huge Michael Jackson fan with a great sense of humor. The staff even gave him the nickname “Moonwalk”!

doctors day 2016



Check out some other great doctor caricatures in our gallery!

Oct 2015

Happy 10th Anniversary To Us!

How time flies! 10 years ago today (October 22, 2005) we started our GiveAcaricature business and received our first order. Fast forward 10 years later, and we celebrate with an awesome team – from our artist group in New York to our fantastic customer service teams in Arizona and Washington State.

In our 10 years, we’ve drawn over 30,000 faces with almost 17,000 orders received. That makes for some extremely happy customers over the years – we’ve received over 5000 reviews from customers, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Needless to say, we’re pretty proud of our accomplishments!

We’ve adapted over the years, and based on customer input our style has changed somewhat – but we have never sacrificed on quality. We started this business believing that we would always meet or exceed customer expectations and we believe we have met those goals. As our lead artist, Eric Jones, says, “We are literally in the business of creating smiles, all day, every day, allover the world!”

Our first caricature done in October 2005:

Our First Caricature Order from Oct 2005


Sep 2015

Boss’s Day Gift

It’s about that time again – Boss’s Day is coming up! National Boss’s Day is a day to show your boss how appreciative you are of their kindness, consideration, hard work, and all around excellence.

If you’re lucky, your relationship with your boss isn’t reflected in the relationship between Peter Gibbons and Bill Lumbergh.


If it is, then go ahead and get them that personalized pen or coffee mug.

Otherwise, get them a gift that shows how much their employees know and value them as both a friend and a leader.

This is one of our most popular gifts for bosses:


Our caricature gifts are 100% customizable. When placing your order, you’ll be able to describe the background and give us a scene description. The background is where you can tell us the setting – should your boss be on the golf course, relaxing lakeside, taking a joy ride down a coastal road, hanging out in their office? Then tell us what they should be doing in the artwork – fishing, practicing their putt, chatting on the phone. You can ask for memorabilia for their favorite sports team, shopping bags full of Gucci products, or to include a framed photo of their family. When uploading your photos, you can upload more than just a picture of your smiling boss. Send in photos of their office or precious antique car so we can replicate it and make it truly personal!

Order it with a frame, which comes with a plaque that you can personalize with your sentiments. Consider ordering it with a signable mat so that the whole office can express their gratitude and appreciation!

Jul 2015

Retirement Gifts

The summer months are ripe for retirements. Between the high level of personalization and our artist’s remarkable talent, it’s no wonder we’re being flooded with requests for retirement gifts!

This is one of my favorite retirement caricatures. I love how they took her career as an airline pilot and applied it to her retirement plans. She plans on golfing and hitting the ski slopes – and, of course, will bring her lovable pup along whenever possible!



“Great experience. Company is very user friendly and competent.” See more reviews!


May 2015

Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement is a huge life event, so you have to make sure you’ve got the right gift. Whether you want sentimental or funny or both, a caricature does it all.

I absolutely love this retirement gift! She’s reading her favorite book, being served hot chocolate by the school’s mascot, her various awards decorate the scene.

Touching, silly, personal, and totally unique — these are the qualities you look for in an excellent gift. A retirement caricature IS that gift.

This life event is too important to not be perfect.

May 2015

Retirement Gifts for Men

Moreso than any other personalized retirement gift, a caricature can capture someone’s personality.

Take this awesome retirement caricature, for example:

There is so much of his character in this gift! A funny story is behind the bandage wrapped around his finger, a nod to his unnatural love for Cherry-flavored Pepsi, a farm and a pheasant to show what he’ll be doing after he retires.

A caricature shows it all – whether you want a funny retirement gift, or a retirement caricature that tells a story. You can browse our gallery for ideas, or tell us what you’d like to see and let us bring your ideas to life!

Apr 2015

Graduation Gift Idea

Caricatures make great graduation gifts for any milestones, with their ability to capture a person’s past, present, and future. Graduations make for particularly awesome caricatures – take this one, for example:

Graduation Gift Idea

I love how they included aspects of her past and present (the diploma on the wall, and her graduation cap) as well as her future (the setting with the patient, her engagement ring, etc). But they also included the constants in her life – like how she’s dancing in her favorite traditional dress, or even the subtle fact that her stethoscope is her favorite color, orange.

Apr 2015

Personalized Retirement Gift Caricature

It’s hard to find the perfect retirement gift. An engraved plaque, pen, or trophy? Overdone. A pocket watch? Too dated and detached. A gift card? Too impersonal!

This is what makes caricatures perfect for retirement gifts. They’re unique, personal, and completely customizable. You can incorporate company logos, memories and job history, inside jokes, personal interests, and quirky habits. Just send in your photos, describe your scene, and our artist will work his magic.

Take a look at these awesome examples!

Retirement Gift

His favorite books and music are represented, as are his hobbies of guitar-playing and tai chi. They included an inside joke about bacon, and a subtle reference to how he’s going to research his family tree after retiring.

Retirement Gift

This retiree tortured the office with updates about his favorite sports teams, so they had to include team paraphernalia. There’s a busted computer referencing a funny story, and the walls are decorated to show his military and government service. There’s even a banner thanking him for his years of service.

These caricatures say more than a thousand words.

Take a look at our retirement caricature gallery for more examples!

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