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Retirement Gifts

The summer months are ripe for retirements. Between the high level of personalization and our artist’s remarkable talent, it’s no wonder we’re being flooded with requests for retirement gifts!

This is one of my favorite retirement caricatures. I love how they took her career as an airline pilot and applied it to her retirement plans. She plans on golfing and hitting the ski slopes – and, of course, will bring her lovable pup along whenever possible!



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Background: Subject is pilot of open cockpit airplane flying over beautiful lake with ski mountains/snow trails in background.
Scene Description: Subject should be the pilot, waving a banner that says “Happy Retirement”
In the back seat of the airplane:
1. golf bag with clubs
2. snow skis and poles
3. White boxer dog

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  1. Rick says:

    A caricature is worth a thousand words!

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