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Corporate Gift

Corporate Award & Recognition

Want a unique reward and recognition gift idea?


Try a one-of-a-kind caricature in ANY situation you describe. You upload photos & describe ANY scene and we BRING YOUR IDEAS TO LIFE!  Created by a true caricature artist, this work of art will capture subject's essence, interests and quirks in a comical way.


Select the sign-able mat that comes with a gold pen so that everyone can write their special corporate message.


This gift is perfect for corporate reward and recognition events as an individual or team award.  So whether it is for an individual or team, corporate award or recognition event, or even a corporate retirement gift, this unique item will get everyone's attention, commemorate the event and best of all, it will make them laugh.




Prices starting at $99



Examples of corporate gift caricatures.

Remember all caricatures are fully custom and drawn from scratch:





























More examples:
Boss caricatures
Retirement caricatures


More examples:
Boss caricatures
Retirement caricatures

Want Another

Unique Corporate Gift Idea?


Give true one share ownership in a world famous company.  If your company is not on the list, let us know.


 Over 100 stocks at


Coca Cola




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