#1 Caricature Website - About Us

GiveAcaricature.com is the world's leading caricature website.  It is part of Leading Edge Gifts LLC, a small, women-owned company in Gilbert, Arizona. We think caricature gifts are special because they capture sentimental things in a fun and unexpected way.  We hand draw your artwork from scratch in a unique style - we don't just plop heads on pre-made templates.

Our caricatures are created by talented artists with the sense of humor you can only find in the USA.  It all started in 2005 when  we teamed with Eric Jones and his creative artist group to launch GiveAcaricature.com - combining his unique caricature style with outstanding customer service and business systems - the response has been overwhelming! Just check out our reviews.




Leading Edge Gifts LLC

Caricature Artists - Creative Team


Led by Eric (Co-Founder), this team is, well.....creative! Eric is a true caricature artist with a radically unique style and uncanny ability to capture the essence and likeness of the subject in an artistic and humorous way. Inspired by Sebastian Kruger and Court Jones (the Michael Jordan's of caricatures), Eric has drawn well over 40,000 caricatures and has other artistic talents as well - we just don't let him do anything else.


Marvin is his sidekick and our coloring guru with over 30 years of experience in various artistic fields including graphic design.  His artistic talent and attention to detail help create artwork that is unsurpassed.


Jillian, is currently a senior in college majoring in art.  Her specialty is figurative painting but she enjoys working in graphic design as well.  She is involved in artwork preparation and some artwork creation/coloring.

As you can see, we are not, and will never be a production shop churning out artwork - each order gets our personal attention. Our team of artists is purposely kept small to ensure consistency and the highest quality of artwork and humor.

Customer Service & Business Team


Our Customer service team is what allows our artists to do artsy stuff. Customer care is their middle name (ok, two names). They are the ones that make sure your customer experience is as phenomenal as the artwork you receive. Just check out our reviews.

Hannah is our team lead. She loves to hear about customers needing their gift by yesterday. "Well, if we get the artists to work real hard and we take a trip in our time machine, we can make it!"


If you call on the phone you are likely to get either Hannah or Amy.

It's impossible to ask a dumb question that Amy hasn't heard before so bring it on! (that doesn't mean that we can't laugh about it in the office). Odds are that after an email or a phone call with Amy, you'll think she's the nicest person in the world....she is!


Handles Quality Control along with framing, prepping, and shipping.  Nothing gets by Lois!


Among other things, Betty reviews your photos. She's the one that gets to explain why your fuzzy, quarter-inch photo might not be enough for the artist to work with.


Co-Founder - involved in business and systems and processes. If it's broken, it's her fault.


Co-Founder. Still researching what he does other than write bios for the team page. Also involved in marketing this business which has everyone scratching their head when considering the fantastic artwork markets itself!


Rescue dog, team mascot, and guard dog.  His main function is supposed to be to reduce stress during chaotic times but Ozzie doesn't quite have that down yet.