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Monthly: 09 2013

Groomsmen Never Say Die!

We love doing wedding party artwork– these caricatures are always the most fun and lively! Here’s my favorite one from this wedding season — the Goonies!! (And a shout out to Chris & Maria who were married earlier this month! Congratulations!) Tweet

Leave It to the Experts

When placing an order for a caricature, we ask you for a Scene Description. We encourage the use of verbs (like riding on a motorcycle or swinging a golf club) and listing important props that should be included in the artwork (such as a glass of wine or a stethoscope). But sometimes, you don’t always […]

Get Creative! Retirement Gift Idea

We have done thousands of retirement caricatures, and most of them have been desk/office scenes. In a previous post on the blog for our parent company, Leading Edge Gifts, we interviewed our artist, Eric Jones, and he suggested getting a little more creative with retirement gift caricatures. I understand a caricature showing someone doing what […]

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