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Boss’s Day Gift

It’s about that time again – Boss’s Day is coming up! National Boss’s Day is a day to show your boss how appreciative you are of their kindness, consideration, hard work, and all around excellence.

If you’re lucky, your relationship with your boss isn’t reflected in the relationship between Peter Gibbons and Bill Lumbergh.


If it is, then go ahead and get them that personalized pen or coffee mug.

Otherwise, get them a gift that shows how much their employees know and value them as both a friend and a leader.

This is one of our most popular gifts for bosses:


Our caricature gifts are 100% customizable. When placing your order, you’ll be able to describe the background and give us a scene description. The background is where you can tell us the setting – should your boss be on the golf course, relaxing lakeside, taking a joy ride down a coastal road, hanging out in their office? Then tell us what they should be doing in the artwork – fishing, practicing their putt, chatting on the phone. You can ask for memorabilia for their favorite sports team, shopping bags full of Gucci products, or to include a framed photo of their family. When uploading your photos, you can upload more than just a picture of your smiling boss. Send in photos of their office or precious antique car so we can replicate it and make it truly personal!

Order it with a frame, which comes with a plaque that you can personalize with your sentiments. Consider ordering it with a signable mat so that the whole office can express their gratitude and appreciation!

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