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Today is


Avengers, Assemble!

Halloween is almost here! The best part about this holiday is that you can be anything you want to be; you can be a superhero or a villain — your cat can even be Batman!

Before you resign yourself to being memorialized in an unflattering photo taken in poorly lit surroundings with those embarrassingly fake Hulk abs, you might want to consider some other options:

comic costumes

(Yes, yes, we know this includes some heroes that were never in the Avengers, and even has some DC/Marvel mixing — but the Halloween spirit shouldn’t be stopped by petty comic book rivalries!)

Background: The scene will be like superheros, like the Avengers example. The background will be over the beach, with buildings in the back.

Scene Description:

Vince Beltran: Spiderman, shooting web–
Aaron Robison: Captain America, holding shield–
Darrin Smrchek: Hulk, flexing muscles–
Vaughn Beltran: Iron Man, holding cellphone–
Bobby Beltran: Wolverine, holding claws out–
Sully (cat) batman–
Austin (dog) Superman **PER EMAIL** Unfortunately today, the dog passed away. We were hoping that you could add a halo over Austin (the dog) head.


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