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Caricature of the Week: Thanksgiving Chaos

Thanksgiving Day is almost here. It can be an awfully hectic time of year, with family coming in from all over the state, country, or even the world. There’s no dinner quite as chaotic as Thanksgiving dinner . . . but also none as fun!


“It is perfect!! Thank you so much!!” by Patrick B.


Background: Big table from left to right with groups around table and Joan and Jim in the middle of the ‘chaos’. Make it seem like a ‘Last Supper’ picture if that makes sense.

Scene Description: I have grouped everyone by what they are doing and order to put them in. Group 1- playing TX hold em’, turkey sandwich on table 1 Rick – beer in hand, very few poker chips, red sox hat 2 Rob – bed head hair from nap, beerrin hand, lots of poker chips, very tall 3 Brian – sleeping at table with cards in front of him (zzzz’s), glass of scotch 4 Kevin – glass of scotch, big belly, sweater & bow tie Group 2 – Women sitting, laughing/talking 5 Liza Really Short, glass of wine, talking with hands in air 6 Sue – Holding a bag of chex mix & wine 7 Amy – Quiet smile on face 8 Mary Anne – Holding a glass of wine 9 Kelly – “Pitch Teacher””on shirtt Parents & organizers of trip. Need to be in center. 10 Joan – “LCR Champion” on shirt, holding glass of wine 11 Jim – Holding wrapped x-mas presents, big smilee Group 3 – playing poker, poker chips/cards on table 12 TommFlynn- “Poker Bank” on t-shirt, Tallest person in family 13 Jamie – Shortest in family, very little chips, envelope in front shirt pocket with money sticking out of it 14 Mike – “Photos with Dan CEO” on shirt, beer in hand 15 Dan – Turkey Hat on head (See photo), hands out to the side like what do you want from me?? Group 4 – sitting around talking 16 Carroll – Holding a flag that says “Go Cocks” 17 Michelle – “Saint Michelle””on t-shirt, halo over head 18 Blaire – big camera around neckk 19 Pam –wearing a sweat shirt, glass of wine 20 Patti – sitting w/ legs kicked up 21. Tom – Glass of wine, not smiling

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