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Caricature of the Week: Vacation in Europe

I love the way this caricature says so much about their vacation, and their friendship. This is a way cooler conversation piece than uploading 200 photos to Facebook!

2-17 blog

“This is my second order and the results did not disappoint! Very customer-centric and quick to adjust any revisions – will certainly do business here againThanks so much for the awesome caricature!!!!” by Mark F.


Background Description: My friend Ralph and I took a vacation to Europe – would like the background to have Italy, Germany, England theme

Scene Description: Maybe the Eifel Tower with Big Ben/British Flag and a German Gasthaus with Ralph and I wearing Lederhosen eating a giant pretzel. Smiling and having a good time… I was thinking of a double-decker bus for the England setting…Not sure what prop can be included for Germany, except the Lederhosen that I would like to have us wearing with maybe a beer stein in our hand…France seems simple with the Eifel Tower in the background

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