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Caricatures of the Week: Wedding Parties

Ah, spring is in the air… and you know what that means. Weddings!

We love doing wedding party caricatures! What’s not to love? No one has fun together like a group of bridesmaids or groomsmen!


“Amazing!!! This is going to be a great gift!” by Kira P.


“Looks great! Amazing how close the artist got the visual I had. A+++” by Robin w. 5Stars


Background Description: I would like to have me and the bridesmaids drawn on a beach.

Scene Description: I want me to be ina wedding dress (strapless) and my bridesmaids to be in a long light pink one shoulder bridesmaid dresses. Drinking cocktails with our feet int he water. on the sand can you have a heart drawn with “A+K” and “June 6 2014” (same heart A+K on top, June 6 2014 underneath). In the background sky: an airplane flying with a banner that says “The Bridesmaids”


Background Description:I attached picture of Lake Tahoe off the golf course for you to look at. that’s the setting i would like.

Scene Description:I attached picture of boat that i would like you guys to use. Mainly have the name on the side. Boat coming across water from right to left.

1- Guy1: On second tier of boat driving, with “college” shirt on and wearing a beer dispensing hard hat. Holding Beer bong with left hand.

2- Guy2: standing on Front of boat, naked covering “himself” with cowboy hat and giving the hookem horns hand sign with free hand.

3- Guy3: standing on back of the boat holding end of beer bong that is coming from Guy1.

4- Guy4: Standing on back of boat with fishing pole fishing, and beer in hand. –(Off the boat:)

5- Guy5: Skiing behind boat, wearing a mankini holding a bottle of whiskey.

6- Guy6: Floating on top of a “PG” rated female doll, with beer in hand. He is positioned front, back right of boat.

7- Guy7: Standing by a golf back full of a ton of clubs, with 4 in his hand. Beer in other hand.

8- Guy8: The groom- I want him in middle of print standing on green holding Edgewood flag as Guy9 putts. (I would like to have Edgewood logo on pin if thats not to difficult) On his shirt I would like it to read FAREWELL TO FREEDOM and he can be holding a beer in his other hand.

9- Guy9- needs to be on right side of the green about to putt at the hole.

10- Guy10- Needs to be right behind Guy9 bent down, sticking his putter through Guy9 leg as if he was about to hit Guy9 in the man hood.

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  1. Lauren says:

    This is such a fun and unique gift idea! Thanks for sharing.

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