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Today is


Dentist Gift

With National Doctors Day coming up I thought I would show a different kind of Doctor caricature. Here is a recent Dentist caricature we did as a gift for a recent graduate!
Dentist Caricature
I love the canvas with the caricature “painting” of her husband, dog, and herself, what a great way to make it that much more special! Check out our gallery for some other dentist caricatures we have done.

2 Responses to “Dentist Gift”

  1. Jessica says:

    I was wondering if you do custom work. I am looking for a canvas painting of me and my husband in camo hunting clothes, creek behind us and trees without leaves. Guns and a buck a must. Thanks!

    • leslie says:

      All of our caricatures are fully custom – so the scene you describe is definitely do-able! However, we don’t currently offer our caricatures on canvas. If you’re looking for a painting on canvas artwork, then please check out our http://www.GiveAmasterpiece.com site, we can do some small customizing on that size, but generally our artists are painting the picture from a photo you provide.

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