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Excited for Harry Potter

I have to admit, I am an adult and a huge Harry Potter fan! I watched the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer this week and I am SO excited! I also just read an article the J.K. Rowling was on Oprah last week and hinted there could be more Harry Potter books in the future, how awesome would that be?

Every time we get a request for a Harry Potter scene I am always so excited to see what the artist comes up with. Here is one of my favorites:
Harry Potter Caricature

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2 Responses to “Excited for Harry Potter”

  1. Mazie Brosman says:

    I really liked the last Harry Potter movie, but I think they left quite a bit out that will need to be made up in the last two movies.

  2. Dionna Benya says:

    The last Harry Potter book was probably my most favorite. I hope they movie can live up to it.

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