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Today is


Groomsmen Never Say Die!

We love doing wedding party artwork– these caricatures are always the most fun and lively! Here’s my favorite one from this wedding season — the Goonies!! (And a shout out to Chris & Maria who were married earlier this month! Congratulations!)


Background: I’ve submitted a copy of “The Goonies” movie poster. There are 8 groomsmen, including myself. That’s the theme I am looking for. I would also like to add the saying “Goonies never say die!”

Scene Description: 1) Cody doing the truffle shuffle wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt(I’ve attached a picture from the movie of Chunk, a character in the movie doing the truffle shuffle for you to reference; Chunk is the one on bottom right of the movie poster). 2) Bryan smoking a cigar. 3) Bernie with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. 4) Billy wearing a Yankees hat. 5) Sean doing the “hang loose” hand gesture. 6) Tom wearing a tan fedora hat and talking on his cell phone. 7) Larry wearing a Jets hat with a Bud Light bottle in his hand. 8) Chris(myself) with a Notre Dame hat and a Guinness beer. I would like to be the one in middle of the poster that they are somewhat huddled around, and trying to keep safe. Please put Sean and Tom to the left and right of me, as they are my older brothers. You can also have Bryan right behind us because he is the best man.

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