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Halloween Wars 2020 Finale

The 10th season finale of Halloween Wars aired on Sunday night. It all came down to the top two teams: Crave Diggers (Eric’s team!) and Mummies Rejects. And man, it was a close one!

First there was the Small Scare challenge with a prompt to show a bug attack! In an effort to be unique, Mummies Rejects chose a giant wasp — “No one else would pick that!” their candy expert declared. Meanwhile, the Crave Diggers decided on…a giant hornet.

Having two such similar ideas really highlighted the differences in each team’s style. While the other team focused more on realistic horror, the Crave Diggers have tended to portray horror through a more campy, humorous lens. Makes total sense for a team with a caricature artist!

The Crave Diggers won the Small Scare, so Eric had first pick of the pumpkins for the Spine Chiller challenge. The final challenge prompt? Creating a scene with a jump scare!

Eric working on a face in their final project of the season.

Eric’s team decided to focus on a classic scene: a babysitter sitting on a sofa, and a terrifying monster rising up from behind her as a scared child looks on. The faces of the babysitter and child had Eric’s classic cartoony style, a style he’s showcased throughout the season (and in his caricatures). But his monster showed that he can capture true horror as well!

Eric’s teammates, Joel and Jeff, putting finishing touches on their jump scare scene.

Alas, the Crave Diggers ultimately lost to Mummies Rejects’ horror scene of a birthday-party-crashing clown.

Although his team didn’t win the big $50,000 prize, Eric still enjoyed his time on Halloween Wars, working with his teammates, learning new skills, and would do it all over again!

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