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Happy 100th Birthday Caricature!

This may be my favorite caricature ever! Our customer wanted a one of a kind gift to celebrate her friends 100th Birthday! 100th Birthday Caricature

Review from the customer:

Fantastic! Unbelievable service on every level and a wonderful end-product which is bound to bring enormouse joy to a near 100-year old lady. Thank you for everything.

Scene Description: Eiffel Tower, Paris

Background: How about if we have the Eiffel Tower in the background and Mabel dancing a jig in the foreground with her bottle of whiskey in hand. Would that work for the artist? I amm just trying to get a good blend of French and Irish in what is produced. Shamrocks and leprachauns leaping out of Eiffel Tower. Mabel was born in Ireland on November 8, 1912 and has been living in Paris since 1930. She will be 100 years young on November 8, 2012! Her eyes twinkle and she loves drinking her Famous Grouse Whiskey each day! Bottle of whiskey must be Famous Grouse! Trying to get a good representation of Mabel’s French/Irish background.
I would be very greatful if you could please show Miss Mabel wearing a blue dress with a fine gold chain around her neck with a small coral-colored rose on the end of the chain! Thank you very much!

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