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Today is


Happy 50th Birthday!

This order was for a 50th Birthday Gift for the Father. I thought it had the cutest scene description that many families could relate to.
50th Birthday

Their scene description was:

Background: Floating down a river (example attached) . Please put on the fishing boat S.S. Dixon.
Person Specific: This picture is for a 50th birthday. Father is an avid fisherman likes to fish for small mouth bass. Please put a baseball cap on his head. Mother likes to float down the river with the father but likes to read romance novels instead of fishing. Son(14) likes to fish but also likes to observe wildlife, especially birds. Sometimes he gets distracted and doesn’t know when his line has a bite. Please have binoculars around his neck. Please DO NOT use the hat that’s in his picture. Daughter(6) doesn’t like to fish, she is a little princess. Please put a tiara on her head. She loves her Daddy though and will go wherever he is. But she doesn’t like bugs or anything slimey.

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