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Leave It to the Experts

When placing an order for a caricature, we ask you for a Scene Description. We encourage the use of verbs (like riding on a motorcycle or swinging a golf club) and listing important props that should be included in the artwork (such as a glass of wine or a stethoscope). But sometimes, you don’t always know exactly what you want.

If you’re stuck and don’t have a specific vision in mind, you can leave it up to our artist! You can keep the details vague and let him work his magic. Here’s an example of a vague description we received recently:

Background: I would leave the background to the artists discretion.

Scene Description: The person is very artistic, loves giraffes and is a Jersey Girl, giraffee or giraffee print, high heels and art supply, flowers.

And this is the artist’s result!





Keep in mind that if you choose to leave it to the artist, changes may be subject to additional charges. Additionally, all the vague details included in your description may not be included if the artist doesn’t feel they work well in the scene, as in the example above. If there are details that absolutely must be included, please be explicit about it. You can read more about Scene Descriptions here, and see a good example vs a bad example.


2 Responses to “Leave It to the Experts”

  1. leslie says:

    Very clever. Love the giraffe!

  2. Alicia says:

    My favorite giraffe fact is that giraffes have prehensile tongues – they can use them to grab things just like an elephant can use his trunk.

    Weird. And yet, ever-so-useful.

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