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Meet Eric Jones – Part II

A caricature is generally described as a portrait that exaggerates and/or distorts a subjects likeness. Caricatures today are more commonly thought of as a comic art style, they have been known to be anywhere from insulting to complimentary. Caricatures actually date back to ancient times; did you know that some of the earliest caricatures were drawn by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci? Da Vinci actually sought out subjects that had physical deformities to draw.

More recently, caricatures became widely used for political purposes. Caricatures of politicians are commonly found in newspapers to criticize and mock political figures and events, while caricatures of movie stars are often found in tabloid magazines doing the same. Caricatures not only serve a political purpose, but lucky for us they are also often used for gifts and entertainment.

We asked Eric recently “What are your caricature influences?”

From an artistic standpoint, it is difficult to emulate Sebastian Kruger or Court Jones, who are in my opinion, the standard by which all caricatures are measured. However in the retail caricature business, I have found that a Norman Rockwell approach is what keeps people coming back. Looking beyond the Saturday evening post, Rockwell had an ability to tell a story using nothing more than eye contact, body posture, and a couple of period piece props. The composition of his work is almost musical. The relationship between the subjects and their surroundings is what makes the art personal. His abilities as a figurative artist have inspired me to understand people in relation to their environment, even when only presented with their photo.

Overall, I think Rockwell’s technique was generally more realistic and detailed than exaggerated. Sometimes he would add an exaggerated feature to give his artwork an element of fun and humor, which I can see is very similar to Eric’s style. Here is a testimonial and photo we received recently in which you can see the likeness of both subjects:
Caricature Gift
The gift was well received by Stu and his wife, see attached. Everyone loved the artwork!! Our compliments to the artist.

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