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Meet Eric Jones – Part III

To conclude this weeks interview we asked Eric, “What sucks about drawing caricatures?”

A popular choice for caricatures these days is the “desk scene”. I guess this would qualify for the least desirable caricature. I understand a caricature showing someone doing what they do every day would be appropriate, but not as fun as an exaggeration of them doing something they only dream of, or would never do, which is what a caricature truly is. Instead of Herb who has arachnophobia sitting at his desk smiling, why not make him nervously day-dreaming about spiders while his colleague drops a fake spider on his shoulder! Now that’s a caricature!

We have done thousands of retirement gift caricatures and many of them have been office scenes. It is definitely important to incorporate their occupation in the artwork, but sometimes it is also exciting to include a little humor and fun! Here is one of my favorite office scenes, they included his love of Dilbert in the artwork:
Office Caricature
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