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Today is


Not Another Retirement Caricature!

I thought this was a great retirement gift idea for a (ex-)Milk Hauler! Every time I look at it, I completely lose it when I see the cows. Hehehe…


“LOVE IT !!! You guys are fabulous ! I have had two caricatures done by you now and I couldnt be happier! Professional and beyond my expectations” Jennifer M.


Scene Description: Retiring Milk Hauler: if you could do him in a farm setting or cow pasture wearing a Hawaiian Shirt, with dairy cows wearing hawaiian shirts as well…. if possible a semi truck with a tanker trailer attached in the background would be cute, his business name is Mahlich Milk Hauling … if you can put his business name on the Hawaiian shirts too maybe, if not that is okay (the photos I am attaching include his daughter and granddaughter- the person to draw is the male with the glasses)

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