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Personalized Retirement Gift Caricature

It’s hard to find the perfect retirement gift. An engraved plaque, pen, or trophy? Overdone. A pocket watch? Too dated and detached. A gift card? Too impersonal!

This is what makes caricatures perfect for retirement gifts. They’re unique, personal, and completely customizable. You can incorporate company logos, memories and job history, inside jokes, personal interests, and quirky habits. Just send in your photos, describe your scene, and our artist will work his magic.

Take a look at these awesome examples!

Retirement Gift

His favorite books and music are represented, as are his hobbies of guitar-playing and tai chi. They included an inside joke about bacon, and a subtle reference to how he’s going to research his family tree after retiring.

Retirement Gift

This retiree tortured the office with updates about his favorite sports teams, so they had to include team paraphernalia. There’s a busted computer referencing a funny story, and the walls are decorated to show his military and government service. There’s even a banner thanking him for his years of service.

These caricatures say more than a thousand words.

Take a look at our retirement caricature gallery for more examples!

2 Responses to “Personalized Retirement Gift Caricature”

  1. Maria Hughes says:

    I’m interested in giving my realtor a caricature as a gift. Do you have samples i can select from or can I just pick one from what I see on your site. Also How long is your turn around time? My closing is oct 31.

    Thank you

    • leslie says:

      Hi Maria,
      Our caricatures are all fully custom, so you describe a scene, and our artist will draw it. If you see one on our site that you like, just mention that in your description, and save the file to upload with your pictures, so we know which one you are talking about. You will get a real time estimate of when your preview is ready by checking our timing page at: https://www.giveacaricature.com/Calendar/custproofdue.asp. Hope that helps! Feel free to contact us at 480-621-6657 and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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