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Today is


Photo Bomb Military Caricature!

When a new order comes through and I review the scene description I get a mental picture of what the completed artwork will look like. I was stumped when this one came through; I had no idea how our artist was going to convey photo bombing in a caricature! When I saw the finished product I was once again reminded of just how talented our creative team is. I definitely think he captured it!




















Amazing work, its exactly how I pictured it. I know I hope it’ll absolutely love it, thank you so much. -Kimberly H.

Background: at the airport(Cleveland Hopkins), out on the pad( where the airplanes sit while they wait to take off).
I’d like, if possible, to have one of the de-icing trucks spraying a planes

Scene Description: I would like for the both of us to be sitting on his red bike(Yamaha R1) in front of a plane(s) at the airport(where he works).
I would like for him to be wearing his favorite bright red sneakers, jeans and a red hoodie.
I’d like to be wearing anything fashionable( jeans/leggings, high heeled boots, oversized sweater) whatever you choose.
our favorite movie is Top Gun if you wanted to include anything from there.

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