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Signable Wedding Caricature

I got married last month!

We had a small wedding, with just family and a few of our closest friends — and our dogs. It was a simple and casual outdoor wedding, hidden in the beautiful woods of New England. While planning, my then-fiancee and I wanted a truly unique wedding. A dog as a ring-bearer, our DJ dressed up as Batman, etc.

So when it came time to pick out a guestbook for people to sign, we knew that had to be unique, too. Enter Eric Jones — the caricature artist I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 3+ years.


He drew the perfect scene for us! I had to provide him with separate photos of my face and the hairstyle I’d have for the wedding, but he got it just right. Not to mention, our well-behaved pooch, complete with his vest, ready to bear rings — and the troublemaker in the back, digging into the wedding cake. Too cute!

Then we had it framed with one of our signable mats. Our guests were blown away by the likeness of the caricature and unique alternative to a traditional guest book. It was a perfect addition to our perfect day!


Check out some of Eric’s other wedding caricatures!

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  1. Ramona says:

    What a clever idea! That is a cute and memorable keepsake.

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