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Today is


Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy there me hearties! Did ye know today is Talk Like A Pirate Day? We here at GiveAcaricature.com wanted to celebrate by drinkin’ a bottle ‘o rum (shhh don’t be tellin’ the Captain!) and showin’ ye one ‘o our all-time favorite pirate caricatures. ‘Tis be a fine piece ‘o artwork!

Pirate Caricature

Pirate Caricature

Wonder how ’tis day was started? ‘Tis weird shore leave was created by Johny-boy Baur ‘n Mark Summers, a pair buckos from Oregon who started trash-shoutin’ in scurvy pirate dialect while fightin’ racquetball. SeptembARrrrr 19th got nominated as th’ big day as it was th’ date ‘o Mark Summers ex buxom beauty’s birthday. It happened to be a date he wasn’t celebratin’ anymore so he knew he would remember it.

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