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Today is


Taking the Bull by the Horns…

I loved the colors in this caricature!

Best Man Caricature

We do lots of caricature for groomsmen gifts – but I thought this one for a Best Man really stood out!

The scene description that our customer described was this:
“Taking the bull by the horns picture from Dodgeball…1 person on either side of the bull, trying to wrestle it down. Making us very muscular would be hilarious. I know the picture only has one person, but if you could incorporate 2 that would be amazing!”

3 Responses to “Taking the Bull by the Horns…”

  1. Francene Weatherholtz says:

    Why is it that most wedding toasts end up sounding like a eulogy? lol

  2. Joselyn Mofield says:

    No, no, no. Funniest best man toast by far is “Vic Always Gets What He Wants”, sung by his 3 younger brothers. They brought the house down!

  3. Mark Sheets says:

    Need to do a big taking the bull by the horns with my brothers face for Christmas. How do I get this rolling with you? Thank you.

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