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Today is


Under the Sea!

Normally the caricatures our artist creates are scenes that are above ground, so when I saw this scene description I thought it was really unique! The background said:

Under the sea with fishes as he loves to dive (i.e. clown fish, trigger fish, turtle, etc)

Underwater Caricature

I love how colorful this one is, what a great Birthday Gift!

One Response to “Under the Sea!”

  1. Alice says:

    My 5yr old daughter absolutely loves the ocean and everything in it. She loves the turtles the most and it gives me a good idea of a caricature for her on xmas. The part in Finding Nemo when the turtles are riding the water current is one of her favorite parts. I could have her riding one of those turtles in the current, maybe even with Nemo and Dori next to her. She would think it’s so cute!

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