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Category: Pets

Caricature of the Week: Man’s Best Friend

Being a pet lover myself, I have a soft-spot for caricatures starring people with their pups! The artist did a wonderful job of portraying these guys’ relationship – Man and Best Friend. “I received this in the mail and was awestruck….never in my wildest dreams did I think it would turn out so GREAT!!!!!!!!! I […]

Surf’s Up!

GiveAcaricature is based out of sunny Phoenix, Arizona, so our summer lasts a bit longer than many others’! Unfortunately, even Arizona’s summer has finally ended. This caricature is one of my favorite summer farewells. As the sun sets over the coast, the dapper Buddy Cruiser will patiently await next year’s surf season. “BEAUTIFUL JOB!” by […]

Scuba Diving Caricature

I love the bright colors in this scuba diving inspired birthday caricature, it would make a great Facebook profile pic! This is our second order and it is as awesome as the first one. We love your work and will be back! – by Roger T. Tweet

Great Veterinarian Caricature!

This is an adorable gift for a Veterinarian! I love the expression on the dogs face!                                     I really like it! exactly what i had in mind!! thanks a bunch! Tweet

Caricature for a Vet!

A customer of ours recently asked us to create a caricature that she could give her veterinarian to thanks for helping her and her dog through a tough time. As usual our artist did a great job! Tweet

Gift for the Pet Lover

A caricature is a great gift for the Pet Lover!