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Meet Eric Jones – Part I

Eric JonesThis week we wanted to do something a little different, instead of posting some of our favorite caricatures we wanted to introduce you to our head artist, Eric Jones. Eric is a true caricature artist with a radically unique style and uncanny ability to capture the essence and likeness of the subjects in an artistic and humorous way. Eric has drawn well over 15,000 caricatures and excited to do more!

We asked Eric a few questions and this week we wanted to share his answers with you. First up, we asked “What is the weirdest thing you have ever drawn?”

Other than the occasional perverted groomsman idea, most of the caricatures I draw are well thought out and even classy. The clients have a specific idea in mind, which can be both good and bad. I like the creative flexibility that goes with a vague scene request, but I like a little bit of direction as well. As far as weird? I suppose the awkward inside joke would classify as the weirdest, only because it’s difficult to orchestrate humor when you aren’t in on the joke, for all I know, the joke could be on ME!

I dont know that I would classify the groomsmen caricatures below as weird but they definitely are full of inside jokes!

Groomsmen Caricature

Groomsmen Caricature

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