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Caricature of the Week: Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day was earlier this month, and this was one of my favorites. This mom loves nothing more than her two boys…and the WSU Cougars!

Mothers Day Gifts

“Better then I could have hoped for. Perfect in everyway.” by Troy J.


Background Description: Artist Discretion

Scene Description: My wife is a huge Washington State University fan. We have two boys. She would love nothing more then for them to play football for the WSU Cougars. I would like the boys dressed in WSU uniforms the school colors are crimson and gray. I am not sure if them having football helmets with facemasks is possible and still be able to make out their faces. If not maybe have the helmets sitting on the ground or bench. I would like one boy passing a football to the other as she cheers them on while holding on to her Starbucks coffee.

2 Responses to “Caricature of the Week: Mother’s Day!”

  1. funny face caricature says:

    Its an awesome mother day’s gift. Nice caricature.

  2. Kalpart says:

    This is an amazing caricature! Great Job.

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