Commercial Use Caricatures

We help small businesses and independent contractors create eye-catching caricature designs that can be used in all aspects of business promotion and branding.  Just tell us the level of exaggeration you want - from wild, eye-popping caricatures to ones that are more subtle and professional looking. Caricature branding helps you stand out from the crowd and drive new business. Note that this license does not cover reselling (ie tshirts with caricature) - contact us if you want pricing.

Did you know that caricatures are 8 times more likely to get noticed and 17 times  more likely to be remembered?

Caricature Logo Design

caricature logo design

Caricature Logo Design

order caricature logo design $250

Card Design & Layout

caricature business cards

Business Card Design/Layout

order caricature business card design  $205

caricature post cards

Postcard/Recall Cards - Design/Layout

order caricature postcard design/layout  $205

folding cards

Folding Card Design/Layout

order caricatures folding card design/layout  $230

Avatars & Web Related Design

caricature web graphics

Web Graphics

order caricature web graphics  $205

caricature avatars

Avatar For Web, Blogs, Email

order caricature avatar  $125


(add these items after getting one of the packages above)

  • Add Prints (no frame) $5 order additional prints
  • Add Framed Prints - 13 x 16 Frame (incl. print, frame, mat, engraved plaque) $50 order additional prints in 13 by 16 frames 
  • Add Framed Prints - 16 x 20 Frame (incl. print, frame, mat, engraved plaque) $60 order additional prints in 16 by 20 frames
  • Add Personalized Engraved Plaque $10 order personalized engraved plaque
  • Modifications/Sizing

    $10 order simple design modification simple

    $40 order medium design modification medium

    $75 order complex design modification complex