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Custom Caricatures - Cool Gift for a Dentist Gift Idea & Cool Idea for Recall Cards! Our caricatures have always been a hit as a unique gift for a dentist but we stumbled upon another use as dentist recall cards. Turns out that caricatures are 8x more likely to be noticed and 17x more likely to be remembered than photos. In addition our caricature recall cards convey a friendliness that you don't get with normal recall cards.

It's fast and easy to commission our talented artists to hand draw a fully custom dentist caricature based on your photos and ideas. Whether it's a gift for a dentist or to be used as a recall card, this idea is fun and effective.

dentist sitting in dentist chair holding mug with UNC logo on it


Caricatures Make the Best Dentist Gifts:
A caricature is one of the very few gifts that can capture your dentist's personality:

  • Likeness.
  • Interests
  • Even quirky habits

Don't forget our optional custom framing including engraved plaques and sign-able mats to add to the personalized appeal of this unique Dentist gift.

From $104


Caricature Features

  • Hand drawn - fully custom!
  • USA artists & support!
  • Proof to review & approve!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Frames, engraved plaques, sign-able mats!

Dentist Caricature Examples

Below you will see Dentist caricature examples - both gifts and recall cards that we've done for others. It's a great way to get ideas, see our quality, and get a good laugh! Remember, your dentist caricature is 100% custom but if you happen to want one like one of our examples, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos.

  • caricature of dentist holding dental tool on a recall card
  • dentist working on pediatric patient on recall card
  • dentist reaching into viewer's mouth - teeth at top and bottom of image - on recall card
  • dentist sitting on exam chair on a recall card
  • orthodontist sitting at office desk
  • dentist with child patient
  • dentist reaching into viewer's mouth - teeth at top and bottom of image - on caricature gift
  • caricature of doctor in blue scrubs in a black frame
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