Family Gifts - A Custom Caricature

Unique and Personalized Artwork Makes the Best of All Family Gifts

It's fast and easy to commission our talented artists to hand draw a fully custom family caricature based on your photos and ideas. Who knows you better than family? No one - that's what makes caricatures a great gift for the whole family. Play to people's personalities, capture family traits, either funny or sentimental - you choose. The perfect gift for a family member who has everything.


Caricatures Make the Best Family Gifts:
A caricature is one of the very few gifts that can capture your family's personality:

  • Likeness
  • History
  • Interests
  • Even quirky habits

Don't forget our optional custom framing including engraved plaques and signable mats to add to the personalized appeal of this unique family gift.


From $104


Caricature Features

  • Hand drawn - fully custom!
  • USA artists & support!
  • Proof to review & approve!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Frames, engraved plaques, sign-able mats!

Family Caricature Examples

Below you will see family caricature examples that we've done for others. It's a great way to get ideas, see our quality, and get a good laugh! Remember, your family caricature is 100% custom but if you happen to want one like one of our examples, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos.

  • Family beach day!

    family gift idea caricature
  • Father and Daughter

    family gift idea caricature
  • Funny gift that captures each family member's personality

  • Gift for an adventurous couple

    gift for adventurous families
  • Brothers-in-law

    brothers gift
  • Family visiting Disney

    disney family gift
  • A couple and their dogs

    family gift idea caricature
  • A family of baseball lovers

    fun baseball family gift
  • Family on a safari trip

    safari family gift
  • Family reunion

    family gift idea caricature
  • Grandfather and his grandkids

    family gift grandfather caricature
  • Gift for a new mom

    new mom gift idea caricature
  • Celebrating outdoors traditions

    family gift outdoors hunting caricature
  • Family reunion at the beach

    family reunion gift idea caricature
  • Sports loving couple

    family couple sports gift idea caricature
  • Thanksgiving feast

    thanksgiving family gift idea caricature
  • Family on vacation

    family vacation gift idea caricature
  • Two families become one

    family wedding gift idea caricature
  • Father and Son Caricature

    family gift idea caricature
  • Wedding with a crazy ringbearer

  • Sisters

    family caricature gift idea
  • Mom, Dad, and kids

    family gift idea
  • Grandma and Grandkids

    family caricature gift
  • A fun weekend with the fam

    family caricature gift ideas
  • new family gift idea
  • country family gift idea
  • family caricature idea
  • funny family gift idea caricature
  • Includes picture of family photo

    family caricature gift idea
  • Baby's first amusement park trip

  • Thanksgiving got a little crazy this year

    funny family gift ideas
  • Brothers

    fun family gift idea
  • A family of football fanatics

    funny family gift
  • Kids at work with Dad

    family gift idea dad and kids
  • Family Portrait

    funny family portrait caricature idea
  • Hang ten!

    funny family gift idea
  • Birth Announcement Caricature Gift
    Mom and Daughter and new baby


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