Retirement Gift Caricature

Personalized gifts for retirement celebrations!

It's fast and easy to commission our talented artists to hand draw a fully custom retirement caricature based on your photos and ideas. Whether it's a retirement gift for him or her, it will be the hit of the retirement party! Enough with the engraved trinkets, this is one of the few retirement gift ideas that can be both sentimental and FUN!

Retirement Caricature Gift


A Caricature is the Best Retirement Gift:
A caricature is one of the very few gifts that can capture the retiree's personality:

  • Likeness.
  • Interests
  • Memories & job history
  • Quirky habits - famous sayings...

Don't forget our optional custom framing including engraved plaques and signable mats to add to the personalized appeal of this unique retirement gift.

From $104


Caricature Features

  • Hand drawn - fully custom!
  • USA artists & support!
  • Proof to review & approve!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Frames, engraved plaques, sign-able mats!

Retirement Caricatures - Examples

Below you will see retirement caricature examples that we've done for others. It's a great way to get ideas, see our quality, and get a good laugh! Remember, your retirement caricature is 100% custom but if you happen to want one like one of our examples, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos.

  • Retirement gift for a man known for making lists, saving cans...

    retirement caricature with signed mat
  • One of many retirement gifts for women that shows her in her office with their favorite stuff.

    retirement caricature for female
  • Retirement gift showcasing his favorite hobbies.

    retirement caricature gift for male
  • Celebrating a couple who will be free to travel and party in their retirement!

    retirement caricature gift for couple
  • retirement gift for male
  • retirement caricature for male
  • For the Disney-loving couple!

    disney retirement gift
  • He'll definitely be spending everyday fishing on his boat once he retires!

    retirement caricature for fisherman
  • retirement caricature for farmer
  • retirement caricature gift for female
  • A retirement gift for a man who has everything.
    (Note this order had extra cost for all the details/scenes!)

    retirement gift for professional
  • An ideal way to spend retirement.

    retirement gift for wine lover
  • retirement gift caricature
  • retirement gift for professional male
  • Retirement gifts for men can capture their quirky habits. This guy was known for the commotion caused when he rushed out of the office on vacation.

    retirement gift
  • A funny retirement gift that captures someone's personality like no other retirement gift idea

    funny retirement caricature - man pointing
  • This retirement gift for a credit union employee depicts what how we all feel sometimes.

    retirement caricature for credit union employee
  • We get comments like this from customers all the time: "You guys have the absolute best retirement gifts anyone could imagine, thank you so much!"

    best retirement gifts- man at desk
  • This retirement caricature shows a woman counting down to her retirement.

    retirement gift idea woman standing at desk
  • retirement gift idea - firefighter
  • We bring your retirement gift ideas to life!

    retirement gift idea-man at desk
  • Caricatures show that retirement gifts can be fun!

    retirement gifts can be fun
  • Retirement gifts for teachers and professors are very popular because they can capture memories and funny quirks.

  • Air Force retirement gifts are a little way that we can express our appreciation.

    air force retirement gifts - man thumbs up
  • Custom framed with an engraved plaque telling her how much she will be missed is a recipe for a retirement gift idea that is personalized, fun, and sentimental - all at the same time.

  • retirement caricature - man with cluttered desk

  • retirement gift idea - woman with wine at desk
  • retirement gift that is fun - lord of rings scene
  • retirement caricature for teacher in classroom
  • teacher retirement caricature - riding motorcycle
  • personalized retirement gift - cluttered desk
  • military retirement - army
  • Woman retiring from NorCan
  • Retirement gift for a teacher and beloved soccer coach.

    Retirement for teacher - caricature in classroom
  • retirement caricature as a gift- trucker
  • caricature of woman in airport
  • caricature gift for construction supervisor
  • retirement caricature for conservative
  • Better than any other personalized retirement gifts - a caricature can capture someone's personality. Take a close look ...

    personalized retirement gifts - woman handing phone
  • Retirement caricature - retiring from HP
  • personalized caricature retirement gift - man at gas company
  • Funny retirement gift for a VERY conservative guy complete with Glen Beck picture, radio for listening to talk-radio and RNC poster.

    funny retirement gift for conservative
  • This retirement gift captures her favorite saying a lot more...

    retirement caricature - accountant on phone
  • This retirement caricature included his whole CSX team.

    retirement caricature for csx employee
  • The funny retirement gift for a doctor was a hit at the office.

    Retirement caricature for doctor
  • funny retirement caricature of supervalu employee
  • Retirement gift caricature for woman who likes to cook
  • Dupont employee retirement gift
  • caricature gift for a fun retirement party - police officer
  • Retirement gift for a realtor.

    retirement gift for a realtor
  • retirment gift idea caricature - ATT employee
  • retirement gift idea - woman in canoe
  • retirement gift idea - man on motorcycle
  • retirement caricature - Entergy employee
  • retirement caricature of woman - packed car
  • Funny retirement gift caricature - man with Dilbert cartoon
  • Retiring grandma
  • Gift for retiring postal worker
  • Caricature for retiring trucker
  • caricature for retiring boss - PGE employee
  • Retirement caricature of tyco employee
  • Caricature of retiring bean counteer
  • Retirement gift for woman - shown fishing
  • Gift caricature of bank employee - Northern Trust
  • Retirement gift - in home office
  • Gift caricature of retiring dentist
  • Retirement caricature for train conductor

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