Wedding Caricatures - Drawn From A Photo

Express your unique personality with a custom caricature! Susan and her fiancé Chuck were early customers of ours and they had a great idea for their wedding guest book. They ordered a framed wedding caricature with our signable mat and had it out on the table just like a wedding guest book, for all to sign and write their comments. Susan said "not only did everyone get a kick out of the guest book idea as they came in, we now have a wedding keepsake that hangs on our wall at home. We smile every time we see it." Normal wedding guest books get tucked away never to be seen again - a wedding caricature lives on.

It's fast and easy to commission our talented artists to hand draw a fully custom wedding caricature based on your photos and ideas

bride carrying groom in bridal carry, in a black frame with signed mat


Caricatures Make the Best Wedding Gifts:
A caricature is one of the very few gifts that can capture a couple's personality:

  • Likeness
  • Memories
  • Interests
  • Even quirky habits!

Our optional signable mat has served as a wedding guest book giving attendees a place to write a personal message to the wedding couple. The engraved plaque with your words adds to this unique and personal wedding gift.


From $185 (2 subjects)


Caricature Features

  • Hand drawn - fully custom!
  • USA artists & support!
  • Proof to review & approve!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Frames, engraved plaques, sign-able mats!

Wedding Caricature Examples

Below you will see wedding caricature examples that we've done for others. It's a great way to get ideas, see our quality, and get a good laugh! Remember, your wedding caricature is 100% custom but if you happen to want one like one of our examples, right click, save it, and upload it with your photos.

  • groom kissing bride on the cheek has they leave wedding venue/red pavilion
  • bride in white dress and groom in tan suit, both barefoot, fishing and seated at the end of a dock
  • a thank you card with caricatures of bride and groom
  • groom carrying bride down church steps as their boxer dog looks on
  • wedding save the date card with caricatures of couple driving an antique car
  • man on one knee proposing to woman with Disney castle in background
  • bride and groom walking between book aisles in library
  • man and woman in a sea of sunflowers


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