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Caricatures are Sentimental & Fun At the Same Time! Remember that your caricature will be fully custom. NOT just a face on a pre-drawn background! You tell us what you'd like our artists to draw when you place your order. Of course, if you love one of our examples, feel free to reference it in your scene description (and right click on the image, save it, and upload it with your order).


Capture memories and dreams!

Caricatures of man and woman revealing Superman and WonderWoman outfits under their normal clothing

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A Caricature is Worth a Thousand Words!

A custom caricature is the only gift that can capture personalities, interests, memories, dreams and quirky habits in stunning artwork that has true meaning to the recipient.
Check out our examples and you'll see what we mean:


  • man and woman with their baby tailgating outside Redskins stadium man, woman, and their toddler riding a tandem bicycle on a nature trail
  • man golfing hits more dirt than ball, with a golf cart behind him mechanic working under a car and holding a cat with another cat on a toolbox beside him four men goofing around in an office with a title across the top that says Office Space II man in short gym shorts in a gym, lifting weight in 1 hand and holding a check in the other doctor reaching toward the viewer with xray machine behind him young woman picnicking in a field of flowers and holding a camera woman working on a computer, talking on the phone, and holding a sleeping baby man sitting on convenience store counter and pouring himself a mug of coffee
  • man and woman grilling in front of their RV in the mountains four men partying on a golf course as a moose looks on from the background man with hunting rifle and dressed in hunting gear reading a magazine as a buck walks by man on one knee proposing to his girlfriend on the beack man and his black lab driving through the mountains in a red convertible group of 10 groomsmen partying in a parody of the Wedding Crashers movie poster man wearing suspenders and a straw hat sits on top of black motorcycle outside office building two women partying on a yacht with cocktails in hand
  • man, woman, and their two dogs enjoying the day at a fair by the beach group of 7 groomsmen on a camping trip
  • man and woman in swimsuits picnicking in the rain with 3 chickens man and woman posed with a cow statue and their bikes off to their sides woman posed and dressed as Pam, sitting across from character Jim, from The Office TV show


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