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Caricatures are Sentimental & Fun At the Same Time! Remember that your caricature will be fully custom, NOT just a face on a pre-drawn background! You tell us what you'd like our artists to draw when you place your order. Of course, if you love one of our examples, feel free to reference it in your scene description (and right click on the image, save it, and upload it with your order).


Caricature Christmas cards make an impression!

caricature of parents and two children decorating a Christmas tree and making a mess

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A Caricature is Worth a Thousand Words!

A custom caricature is the only gift that can capture personalities, interests, memories, dreams and quirky habits in stunning artwork that has true meaning to the recipient.
Check out our examples and you'll see what we mean:


  • couple sitting on top of their flower greenhouses young woman in graduation gown sitting on top of globe with MSU sign
  • couple and their cat lounging on chairs by the pool while dog swims woman with grad cap on kayaking down a river with her dog man and woman drinking Starbucks in an outhouse at night
  • man carrying woman in bridal carry, both in casual dress, in front of a bus man in football uniform and woman in cheerleader uniform next to their quads two women cheersing with cocktails at a tiki bar on the beach
  • man and woman with drinks on a boat deck woman doing yoga on the edge of a canyon with textbooks beside her
  • group of groomsmen partying on the beach at sunset man and woman standing on opposites ends of USA map with a heart between them
  • family of two parents and three adult children hanging out on the parents farm group of groomsmen fishing and partying on a lake
  • two men riding horses and wearing chef hats large family working on and partying in front of a new-to-them house caricature of man standing on top of plane as it flies over globe
  • five men posed on a movie poster of Fight Club group of 6 groosmen as hockey players on Montreal rink
  • group of groomsmen on movie cover Top Gun couple in front of their wrecker business truck
  • two tattooed men shirtless in Dark Dragon tattoo shop couple nicely dressed and seated at table in fine restaurant