Scene Description (Limited Space)

This is where you describe the actions and props for each person. If you have a specific vision, tell us specifically what you want.

  1. Use verbs! - Describe what actions you want the subjects doing (ie. playing poker, shooting pool, sitting on a toilet, flying, holding hands, drinking beer).
  2. Props - List major props (generally larger more complicated items like a car, boat, golf cart etc.) and minor props (items/details) associated with each person (eg... cellphone, logo, signs, handbags etc.):
    1. Base price includes 1 Major prop for the entire order.
    2. Base price includes 1-3 props for 1 subject orders (1-2 per person for multiple subject orders).
    3. Additional items or complicated props that require more artist time may add costs and time. We will contact you before the artist begins work if this is the case.
  3. Be concise - List as bullets! - Help us help you. Include only pertinent information in bulletized format so the artist can easily understand what you want to see and not miss anything. But, make sure you include all of your direction up front before our artist creates your caricature to avoid the time and potential cost of significant changes.
  4. Option 2: Leave it to our Artist - Some people may not have a specific vision in mind. If you want keep the details vague and have the artist to run with it, just let us know and we will work our magic!  Keep in mind that if you choose this option, changes may be subject to additional charges.


Background Setting
- Cruise ship at sunset (behind)

Person Specific Actions/Props
- John sitting on lounge chair on deck
- Sipping an umbrella drink
- Reading a medical book titled "Hypocrithiumologistics"

Reason: specific setting, listing clear and concise, action, gives artist a visual snapshot of subject, bulletized listing

"John graduated from Syracuse University in 1987 with a major in Narcoleptic Cryosynthesis then went on to study Hypothyodrism at Cornell, he is the most wonderful person in the world and loves people who are cheerful. He has worked in countries all over the world but would someday like to study Hypocrithiumologistics on his own."

Reason: no scene, lumped in a paragraph, no action, no tangible information that could be used as a snapshot representing the subject.

Info Related to Common Requests:

  • - If you want to refer to a caricature on our website, right click on the image, save it to your computer, and upload it with your photos so we know which one it is. Tell us how much you want your caricature to be like it but understand each one done individually so may not be an exact match.

  • - If you are requesting a specific breed, and/or the animal / pet is focal to or interacting with the artwork, include a picture and choose the appropriate number of subjects when ordering. If it is just a general description of one generic animal or pet (i.e. small black dog) then we will include that at no charge as part of the props (note, some common breeds MAY be done at no charge also, i.e. labs, poodles, retrievers).

  • - Our artist can include non-specific people (i.e. a patient a Dr.'s office, kids in a classroom, people waving good bye, etc...) in your artwork; however this will likely incur an additional cost. The cost will depend on the number of generic subjects you have requested as well as their level of detail

  • - specific outfits/clothing items are considered a prop. For example, a specific dress or business suit is 1 prop. A specific sports team hat is 1 prop.

  • - Non-text thought bubbles may add charges because they amount to mini-scenes that require significant effort. Each text-only thought/speech bubble is considered a prop.

  • - everyone's smile, frown, scowl, scared look is different, and completely unknown judging by a straight face. The artist can only draw the expression shown in the photo. He cannot draw someone to look older or younger, everyone ages differently. Adjusting hair color, etc., is no issue, but aging or making younger cannot be done.

  • - The artist can try to change hairstyles if it's requested; e.g., "put my hair in a ponytail". But if at all possible, upload a photo of the hairstyle you want - you can even grab a photo of a celebrity's hairstyle if there's no photo of the subject with the desired hairstyle.