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Ernest Borgnine Caricature

Ernest Borgnine's daughter Nancee got her father a caricature commemorating his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in January 2011.

"Thank you so much, my father loved it and got a real kick out of it!" 
Nancee B.

  Words could not express how grateful we are with our family caricature.  We ABOSLUTELY love it!  Hoyt has been admiring it and showing it off since he opened it on Christmas morning.  He sat in amazement of the detail, no exaggeration, for over 15 minutes.  He said, “I can’t believe they animated my Crocs.”  “My wheelchair is perfect.”  My hair is just the right length.” “Oh, look at daddy’s cute little feet.”  “Mommy, your smile is just so pretty.” “Boy, they did a really nice job on my Phillies ‘P’.”  He literally went on and on and on.  I cannot wait to tell him the story and meaning behind what you did to make this happen for us. 

So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU so much for making Hoyt’s Christmas wish such a special one.  It truly means the world to all of us.  Attached hereto is a photo of Hoyt admiring his caricature on Christmas morning. 

This pic captures his ouuuuahhhh moment. 
Extremely thankful in Central PA - Bobbi, Jeremy & Master Hoyt L.

Dear GiveAcaricature:
Thanks again, it was a big hit!!

Best regards
Bill W
Menomonee Falls, WI


Thanks for all your help. The gifts were a big hit!!! In fact we decided to reenact the scene and send you a copy. Please share this with the artist. I already saw us on the website! Awesome!


Best of luck to you and your company!  I think next Christmas I will do another with my family.  I have spread the word about how pleased I am with GiveAcaricature.com.


Thanks Again! Happy Holidays!  Joseph F.



I just wanted you to see how fabulous the caricature of Donna turned out and how happy it made her feel. We had a wonderful time at the birthday party and I gave out two of your cards so I'm sure you will get a few more customers from this job. Everyone was totally amazed and curious about the technique your artist uses to create these drawings. Don't let the secret out so you can continue to impress!
Thank you so much for getting this job done in time for the party!  Rosie P.



My (former) boss, Scott, loved the caricature!  Rosemary A.

I love it!!! BEST Caricatures EVER!! This is my 4th order soon to place a 5th!! Fantastic!!!  Kristine D.


We LOVE the caricatures of our Bosses! The "3" pictures will be given as a gift at their Retirement Party -- something they will always treasure. A big "thank-you" to your staff and artist. The process was extremely easy, everyone very pleasant and the artist completed minor changes to our satisfaction in a timely fashion. We are looking forward to receiving the finished product!  Linda


This is the second time we've ordered thru your site and we couldn't be more pleased with the artwork. Great job capturing the likeness of our bosses! They are going to love this as a Christmas gift! Thanks!  Connie L.


I was looking for a unique and fun Christmas present to give to the two people who have everything they need and want... my parents! I love the caricature that was drawn of them and I'm sure they will to. The likeness to both of them is extremely accurate and well done. I can't wait to give it to them!!  Amanda B.


Your work is truly amazing!! The likeness is unbelievable, best caricatures I have ever seen.   Kristine D.


Amazing! What a great picture, true to life, and better than I imagined it in my own mind! That's the mark of a good artist, in my opinion, and your artists are fantastic! Thank you so much. This really was the perfect gift for someone who is impossible to give a gift to!  Andrew H.


Your caricature is WONDERFUL! All of them you have done for me have been above and beyond what I expected. This one is FABULOUS! I don't know how you do it, but you absolutely caught both my Aunt and Uncle. Thank You! They are wonderful gifts!  Mary D.


The artwork turned out fantastic and I loved how easy this site was to use. Thank you so much! Great job!  Tom C.


I just viewed the proof of the caricature that was drawn from the pics I uploaded, and I have to say that the artist did an awesome job. I can't wait to give it to my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. I am so glad that I picked your web-site after looking at others. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family members. Thanks again,  Elisa P. - Chicago


Excellent customer service. Its great that you give specific dates and deliver on those dates.  Shirley H.


The caricature was just perfect - exactly what I ordered. The background exceeded my expectations. Delivery was right on time. I am very pleased with the overall product and would highly recommend your services to others. Thank you.  Nancy P.


Loved the picture. Great company to work with. Took my idea and produced it perfectly. Karen P.


All I can say is "Wow!" I have not given them as gifts to the groomsmen, yet, but other people have been amazed at, not only the artwork, which is awesome, but the whole idea as a gift! Thank you! Drew I.


The preview of our caricature is awesome! THANK YOU. You did a great job of capturing all the elements I asked for, and made great tiny revisions based on my feedback. Really captured our family in a beautiful way that we will be able to enjoy for years to come. Your artistry is appreciated.  A. Shinske


Our staff loves these. Its a fun gift and adding the personalized components make it a very special item.  Candace


This caricature is amazing and I am so happy that you were so patient with me over this. I would gladly recommend this web site to another person to use. I appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you. Ilene S.


This makes a wonderful Retirement Gift or a gift for any occasion really! Give a Caricature has done a great job and can't think of a better gift!!! 


This came out better then I could have expected and the artist really captured my parents personality! It is amazing and will be a great 50th anniversary gift! Thank you so much!  Lisa S.


Perfect! Dealing with this company was very easy and a pleasure!  Kenney


I just absolutely love the caricature. The likeness is perfect and I cannot wait to give this as a gift to my boyfriend. It is totally amazing . Bravo to the artist. This is the most unique and personal gift I have ever purchased. Thank you again for an exceptional job. Linda R.


Love it...who knew I was such a cutie catcher eh? Thanks for capturing my 'pride' and 'joy'. Pam M.


Wow! You guys did an amazing job at getting my brothers and me just right! Even your background looks just like the real thing. You guys will be the only caricature artists on my list next time! Thank you!  David M.


Thank you all so much I think that these Drawings of my friends are awesome and are going to be the coolest gift I have ever seen thank you all so much it has been a pleasure working with you all thank you Broc H.


Our caricature turned out perfect, the artist did a wonderful job! This was an excellent company to work with, especially their fantastic customer service.  Janet W.


I am a loyal customer and love to give these as gifts to my friends and family. These are perfect for any occasions. I personally have given them as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and retirement. I will order more in the future as I am confident that they will meet my expectations.  Donna C.


I could not be more pleased with my experience with Give-A-Caricature.com. The web site was so easy to use and my finished caricature was beautiful. I will recommend this site to all of my friends who are looking to give a unique "one of a kind" gift. I will definitely be back in the future!! Thanks Again!!  Glen L.


I love it. This is the second one you've done for me. There will be more to come! Great job.  Patricia Y.


This was a wonderful anniversary present for my husband!! I absolutely love the finished picture and want to thank Cheryl personally for all her help!!! It was very difficult to describe what I was looking for with the caricature and Cheryl was very patient with me! I work in customer service/care myself and realize what great service I received. Thank you very much again!! Laurie B.


Outstanding customer service and fabulous likeness! I just LOVE it!  Michelle Y.


This may be the greatest groomsmen gift idea ever. When I first opened my proof from giveacaricature.com, I literally couldn't stop laughing for five minutes. The caricatures were spot on.  Nate P.


You guys did a great job!!! It was exactly as I pictured it! I absolutely love it! I'll definitely be using you guys again in the future!  Jasen


What a great gift for someone that is hard to shop for! Great site and customer service! I will be back!! : )  Michelle V.


This is so awesome! The artwork is amazing! ...This is going to be the best gift ever! I can not tell you how great this is considering my scatter brain details for you." David C.


What a wonderful job you did in recreating our engagement moment. Our faces are perfect. Our three year old daughter recognized us immediately. Will definitely recommend you to our friends. Thank you, Becky O.


Great Job! I know my groomsmen will love it. THANKS!  Timothy B.


This is the best gift idea I've found in years. The perfect present for the person who has everything or is just plain hard to shop for. I'm so excited I just hope I can keep the secret. I want to show it to everyone!!  Cathie M.


I love this! The finished work is exactly what I described. I can't get over how perfectly the artist captured the personality and little nuances of my dog. I just keep looking at it smiling. My husband is going to be THRILLED!  Cathie M.


Great Job! Very easy to work with. The e-mail communication and website made it a breeze. I had one small revision which was done very quickly, couldn't be happier with the outcome. Going to make a great groomsmen gift. Thanks Dan


I am extremely pleased with the artistic creation used in creating a 50th Anniversary caricature for my parents. With just a few photos and some simple instructions that I provided, your artists created exactly what I was hoping for on the first try. You did a superb job. I will highly recommend your product to my friends. Marty K.


Great job. The caricature, the background all look great. Thanks  John F.


I just wanted to say that I was blown away with the quality and the speediness of the proof. If the final product is what I've approved I will gladly recommend you to anyone who will listen. The artist was able to get my idea and used just enough creative license to not only make it his own but improve upon what I was going for. I'll be looking forward to the finished product arriving at my door and when it does, I'll be sure to write back with a heaping helping of praise! Thank you! Tom C


Awesome! Worth every penny. You guys are talented.  Brett S.


Thank you for creating a unique and fun gift for the doctor who has it all! The process was easy and the customer service was excellent.  Heather D


Thank you for the very fast production of my caricature for my wife's surprise party. You actually had it ready a day early. Your website is very easy to use and the product turned out great !! Thanks again. Regards, Alan K.


You are awesome!!! The last 2 orders I have placed are the best artwork I have seen - the alikeness is amazing! You guys ROCK!!! Thank you so much!  Sarah G.


Thank you for the wonderful work.... my parents will be thrilled with their caricature. Thanks too with making the little revisions i kept sending ...I am looking forward to my parents reaction to their gift ... it is really fun and unique and all about who they are right now.  Lynne P.


This charicature is awesome. The guys in wedding party are goanna love it. This is by far the best groomsman gift I have ever seen. My fiancé is mad she did not get one for her bridesmaids. You guys do great work. Thanks so much. Jeff M.


i have ordered several pictures from you and the artist has NOT failed me yet. I'm sure I'm not the easiest customer...... but i have always been more than satisfied and the pictures are a huge hit!!! thanks again for making my gift giving such a pleasant experience. thanks again.Debbie F.


I LOVE IT!! Thank you SO much ~ and wow, thank you for getting it done so quickly. I will definitely be using your company, and referring your company to friends, again!!  Becky K.


Nothing to say except for wonderful! You listened to what I wanted and drew it up better than I ever imagined. Kudos to the artist.  Mark H.


It is AMAZING! You have exceeded my expectations. I am so excited to give this one-of-a-kind gift to my groomsmen next month. You have made me very happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It really is very cool. -Russell H.


This is a very unique ideal that can bring human into your relationship. The art work is very professional, the artwork was also provide before or on the date was given when placing your order. this is a great ideal for someone first anniversary :-)  Jennifer H.


You guys did a GREAT job capturing what we were looking for. We love that you took the real photos and imbedded them in the drawing. We are under a serious time crunch to deliver this, and we appreciate you working with us to make our date! Thanks!  Tonya R.


In a word--Fantastic! I was trying to find something unique for a 36th anniversary gift for my in-laws and this is PERFECT! The time allowance to get this done is great....it is amazing how fast this came through and how you actually captured their personalities in the caricature. Thank you very much...I can't wait to see their faces when this present gets opened!  Tamra, T.


The picture is perfect. All seven caricatures look just like the person and the artist did a great job taking my brief descriptions and capturing it in the picture. In addition to the wonderful job that the artist did, the customer service at Give-a-caricature was great. I made a few changes along the way and they were very quick to respond and oblige. Thank you all for the great job. I can't wait to give my groomsmen their gifts.  Joseph C.


I absolutely Loved it!! It is a 1st year Anniversary gift to my husband who has the family business and they nailed my description on the spot!! Deffiantly will be getting others done!! Amazing!!  Jacy F.


They did such a great job of making everyone actually look like themselves! We didn't have any revisions, it was that good! We can't wait to give it to our boss for his retirement gift. He will love   Candace


I placed 3 orders at the same time with the expectation that it would take a great deal of time for them to be completed. To my surprise they actually had the proofs done early. I was descriptive as possible, but thought that there would be many revisions necessary. To my surprise, the artist pretty much nailed each scene for all orders with only a couple very minor revisions. I am very pleased with the work product and will definitely use this company again as well as recommend them to others.  Bryce P.


Love the caricatures! I have ordered 1 previously and now I am ordering 2 more for my wedding for the guests to sign!  Lyndsay M.


Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the artwork. I ordered a gift for my dad's birthday - "the guy who has everything" - and I finally was able to get him something new and different... his own caricature! I absolutely love it and am going to utilize GiveAcaricature.com for gifts in the future! What a great idea! The final product was amazing! Thanks so much! Kelly P.


I was impressed with the likeness of the caricatures. In fact, they're so similar, that we're all still ugly. Thanks Eric. He did exactly what I wanted, only better. Forrest Griffin - UFC Fighter


Once again the artist has done an amazing job. This and the other five pieces they prepared for my groomsmen are going to blow them away. Thanks for helping me do something unique and memorable for the guys, LeadingEdge has my utmost recommendation anytime I hear about someone needing a unique, quality gift. Thanks Again, Bryan G.


With a few small revisions, this caricature is awesome! The artist did a great job! Cheryl and Jessica in Customer Service were very helpful! I'm looking forward to seeing the framed/finished product. Thank you.  Ross A.


I am thoroughly pleased with the artist's ability to capture my precise direction through words and examples. The details in this order was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Furthermore, the communication and ordering process from GIVEACARICATURE is wonderful. Thank you. Mindy G.


This is better than I even expected, and is going to be a wonderful gift! I cannot wait to see the framed print (with the plate "practice on the green". Will be perfect. I am already making a list of other friends and family that have BIG birthdays coming up and will really enjoy a gift like this. Thank you very much for the quick turnaround with artwork, too. It's a day early which is much appreciated.Carol M.


They know what they are doing. This is top notch work! I'll be ordering more art in the near future. Thanks giveacaricature.com for helping give my girlfriend a great anniversary gift!  David A.


I would like to thank you for rushing this order for us. We really like it and can not want to give it to him! This is the 4th one we have ordered and they have all been Great! Thanks again, Janet J.


This was exactly what I had envisioned! Great job on making something brilliant from my stick man sketch. This is going to be a very meaningful and well received gift for my groomsmen. I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to do something a bit out of the ordinary in creating a keepsake worth giving and receiving> Thank you so much!  Roger G.


This Caricature is awesome!!!!! The Company does excellent work. I had a few last minutes changes, they responded right away no questions asked. I would highly recommend this company to do a caricature to anyone. In my opinion, they go above and beyond in complete customer satisfaction. Job Well Done!!!!  Todd M.


I'm glad I stumbled across your website when I did. I only had about four weeks to figure out what to get my groomsmen for the wedding. The caricature turned out to be brilliant. Everyone who's seen the proof has been thoroughly impressed. I know the guys will love it and I can't wait to see the looks on their faces! Jessica and Betty were great to work with and answered all my questions quickly and accurately as a first-time client. I know I'll be back to order another one in the future! Keep up the great work!  Eric


I was a bit concerned about ordering a caricature on the internet, but it proved to be a positive experience. The website was easy to understand and when I did call to ask a question, the people were very helpful and friendly. The actual caricature is AWESOME! The doctor and his office came out fantastic and the pets look adorable. I can't wait to give it as a gift to our outstanding Vet who just opened his own office! Thanks to all!!  Carolyn A.


I initially chose your Company because I was SO impressed with the quality of your artist's work. Every caricature I viewed in the gallery made me either smile or outright laugh in the way you captured each person's personality and eccentricities! I will choose and (refer) your Company again because of the efforts you made to me in trying to expedite my order and meet "my" personal timeline. I will never have to search the web again for a caricaturist! I can understand why your company is so popular; you have not forgotten that there is a "person" behind the product! Thanks again to the artist and the assists from customer service!  Brenda A.


I placed my order and received my preview several days later. Revisions were made promptly and I received my final copy. The process was easy and very straight forward. The image was also spectacular! The artist really does an amazing job creating a highly personalized scene from just a few details. Definitely worth doing and will be recommending to others!  Ben B.


This was by far the coolest gift I've ever purchased and I know my friends are going to be blown away! Great Job!  Greg S.


Once again, GREAT JOB. This is truly the best gift ever. I have order over 10, and the recipient is ALWAYS thrilled. I cheaped out once, and tried a cheaper site, only to throw it away and order through you! Couldn't get a better likeness if the person were sitting in front of you. Thank you!  Michele R.


This caricature is AMAZING, and I am so excited to give it to my husband when he graduates from medical school. The only problem will be having the patience to wait for another month to give it to him. GiveAcaricature also gave me some of the best customer service I've ever had! They were so easy to work with and very helpful. Thank you so much!! I'll send a picture of my husband with the caricature when I give it to him :)  Bethany N.


We ordered 6 caricatures for Doctor's Day - one for each our providers. The providers loved them! Everyone, including the rest of the staff were impressed with how much the artwork captured their look and personalities. These were a big hit! The company was very professional and easy to reach for questions. Utilizing the order status, we always knew what stage of the process our artwork was in. We have already recommended this to countless people and will order from here again.  Jill D.


My office group has ordered from you twice now and BOTH times you have gotten a perfect 100% for your artwork and customer service. I would and will strongly recommend your service to anyone who is interested in a gift idea. Thank you for the wonderful work and service.  Janice K.


The caricature turned out better than I had hoped. The detail and likeness is amazing. The artist is truly gifted. I will definitely recommend this company to someone looking for a unique gift. The service and professionalism was excellent.  Tanya S.


The preview was available in less than a week from the time I placed my order. The scene was exactly as I requested it and the artwork looks fabulous. I'm excited to give this unique gift to my groomsmen. Everyone will enjoy this for years to come, as compared to some of the traditional groomsmen gifts that get tucked away into a cupboard and never looked at again.  Chris C.


I didn't know what gift to give to my cousin's wedding and the attention to detail was amazing. I was able to send it to Chile directly through them and preview it before it was sent. I know it's one of a kind and will be treasured by them for years to come, thank you for a wonderful job.  Celia C.


I don't usually leave a comment but I got to say that I am impressed with your fast work. I am a pain to work with because I want every detail to be just perfect, thank you for being so patient and helping me fix everything to my satisfaction. When I called customer service, the lady who answer the phone was extremely nice and polite. Good customer service is hard to find these day but I am glad that I was able to find it at Leading Edge gift. Thank you.  Cathy N.


OMG! I got so excited when I got the email to look at the proof and when I did (keep in mind I am at work, in an attorney's office) I busted out laughing. It is so adorable! It looks just like him. My husband is going to die when he sees this. Thank You!!! 


The caricature looks awesome. This is by far the best gift I have ever given and the quality of work is amazing. It was also completed before the anticipated date. I will be recommending this site to all my family and friends. Thank you so much!  Ashley W.


This caricature was ordered as a gift for our friend and office manager who resigned to start his own business. We asked the artist to incorporate elements into the caricature that are funny and/or have special meaning to him. The final product completely surpassed our expectations! We think it is truly awesome! Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I'm certain it will be well-received and proudly displayed in his new office.  Kimberly S.


We love love love love love it. How you managed to work in all of the details of his life is amazing. It's a perfect 80th birthday gift for my Dad. Thank you very much! It's much better than I ever expected.  Teri B.


You guys did wonderfully!! I just viewed the final product and you nailed it! I'm sending this to my husband (who's deployed in Iraq) for his 26th birthday and he is going to love it! Thank you so much for your time and effort! You were so fast!! Thanks again! I know it will turn a dreary birthday into a happy one! -A very pleased Army Wife.  Samantha


The staff were fantastic. Very prompt and helpful although I was a very big pain in the behind! The artist is amazing! I will definitely be back again!  Vanessa R.


I thought the communication from your staff was great. I was kept up to date during the whole process both with phone calls and emails which was really nice. I felt like I had a lot of say in the creative process and really liked that I could request revisions before it was finalized. Thanks!  Daniel R.


I am soooo pleased with the proficiency of your web site which is user friendly and the prompt response to my order. I was phoned twice to confirm my requests and the finished product was superb!!!! I would recommend your artists and company anytime! Sandee F.


Love the caricature! We are using this in place of having people sign a guest book at our wedding. Instead, they will sign the mat around our caricature!  Brooke & Peter D.


Thank you so much. Your second revision is perfect. I really appreciate your willingness to make the changes that I wanted. And I truly appreciate the fact that you took the time to call me to make sure you accurately understood the changes that I wanted. You're good people and I would recommend you to my friends and family. Marilyn A.


This was my first time ordering a Caricature, and I am blown away by the amazing art I have been sent to preview. I now plan on becoming more of a "regular customer," so to say. Margaux G.


Man did I get lucky stumbling across this website. As someone who is a getting married at a older age I wanted to get the guys something different and special, I definitely did. The drawings are great and their special touches were perfect. I revised the pic a few times and NO problems. Customer service was also great to work with. I will definitely be, and actually already have, recommended this site to a lot of people. Great Job.  Joe G.


This is my second time using your services for a caricature and I am absolutely impressed. The service I have received from you has been tremendous; quick, tentative and friendly. I will definitely pass your name on and utilize your services again. Thank you for your hard work, accuracy and mannerism's. I have had a truly positive experience more than once. Thank you again.  Cathie H.


The quality of these caricatures is OUTSTANDING! I have used your company twice now and the artists are so talented - the pictures are always as requested and I love the creativity! THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!  Rachael K.


My caricature is great!! The artwork is phenomenal and captures the personality of my groomsmen perfectly! It was done fast and the staff working with the artists were excellent. I was amazed by the product at first glance and now that my caricature is complete I'm even more impressed! Thanks for the great work you all have done!!!  Kenneth R.


Unbelievable! Their work is amazing, customer service is great and the overall experience is one that I would recommend to anyone! Thanks again for making my vision come to life!  Jun W.


Thank you very much for your masterpiece :) My parents loved it! I will surely recommend you to as many people as I can. Thank you once again!  Allen


I want to thank you for the FANTASTIC work and being able to make changes for me after the proof was already completed. I have worked with other vendors on this type of project and you've made this experience one I won't forget. I will definitely come here for future gifts and recommend you to anyone who is looking.  Samantha E.


I would just like to say that this picture is absolutely the best gift idea!!! My fiancée is going to be so surprised when I give it to him on our wedding day!! Thank you sooooo much! You guys are amazing!  Cami E.


Aabsolutely awesome...you captured the likeness of the both of us fantastically!! This is the third caricature you've done for me and I have been thrilled with all of the results...what a wonderful memory you have helped me create for some very special people and occasions in my life!! Thank you again for you creativity and talent.  Elizabeth D.


Had an incredibly good experience dealing with this company. They were responsive to our needs and delivered high-quality results.  Harry J.


LOVE the product! I was thrilled with the outcome and especially impressed by your quick response to just some minor changes (which were due to MY lack of sending appropriate photos)! Will most definitely be getting more in the future!  Karla S.


This is amazing, hands down the most creative groomsmen gift on the market.  Nick M.


Thank you to GiveAcaricature.com for providing a completely different and fun groomsmen gift for my buddies. After writing up a scene description and the actions taking place, I thought there was no way it will look like what I wanted. I was completely wrong...I couldn't have asked for a better caricature. Each and every character looked exactly like my wedding party. To top it all off, I only had to request 2 very minor adjustments. I would also like to thank Cheryl in Customer Service, for all her help and guidance thru the process. She always responded to my e-mails and requests in a timely fashion. Since, I found Give Caricature on the Internet, you can guarantee that I will recommend this great gift idea to all my friends and family. Thanks again.  Jason A.


I loved the way my picture turned out! It was done earlier than expected too! I made a few revisions that were fixed, within a day, and FREE of charge. I will recommend this site to ALL my friends. It's a perfect gift for someone that can be 'hard to shop for'. Thank you SOOO much!!  Jessica W.


Absolutely the best gift idea I have seen. These folks were very easy to deal with and very quick to turn the artwork around to us for preview and approval! Will recommend to many.  Kim B.


I love it! My dad is SO HARD to buy for and this was the perfect find!! Thanks so much!  Jamie B.


I gave a very detailed description of what I wanted for me and my 7 groomsmen and it came out better than I expected. We now have a great picture to put in each of our barrooms instead of the generic groomsmen gifts which never get used. I'll recommend www.giveacaricature.com to anyone.  Jay B.


I couldn't be more pleased! This is the second caricature you've done for me and you captured both persons perfectly...especially their smiles. I'm so pleased I'm going to order another one for my friend and me in honor our 30 year friendship! Thank you again.  Elizabeth D.


A wonderful product and a delightful process to work with your company's representatives and artist! Look forward to receiving the package shortly. Thank you for your care and regard in helping celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary!  Julie G.


I was very impressed by the fact that your company representatives took every effort to make sure that my order was done exactly the way that I wanted. Ultimately, I am very pleased with the result. Thank you for your attention to detail!  James J.


Thank you so much for the caricature, I can't believe how much it looks like my husband and I. This is such a great gift for a first anniversary because it is something that we can have cherish forever, and it is depicting something that we love doing together. Thanks again.  Shanna G.


My Caricature is amazing - you have truly captured what I was describing in written form......I am shocked that I did not have to ask for revisions!! When I called in, personnel staff were fantastic in helping me get my order done on time, and to help alleviate some of the worries I had about a rush order - THANKS!!  Trevor M.


I love it. Revisions were quick and wonderfully done. You are very creative. This is going to be a wonderful gift! Thank you.  Jennifer M.


The entire process was effortless. I provided the scene description and referenced one of the caricatures on the website and I couldn't be more pleased with my final result. It is everything I hoped it would be and I know all of us will treasure it forever. Thank you.  Chris J.


It's like the artist knew the person in the caricature. I'm very happy with the drawing, and I'm sure the person I'm giving it to will love it, too! Thanks again!  Brenda


I am very pleased with the finished product, amazing resemblance, and the customer service. I'll be sure to recommend you guys to all my friends. GREAT GIFT IDEA! Thanks so much.  Mark W.


I am thrilled beyond what words can describe at the final product. I was a little nervous when the original proof was not exactly what I had pictured but the revision is everything I could have dreamed of and more. You did an absolutely awesome job and will be very, very highly recommended in the future. We are ecstatic!! Thanks a million! This will soon become the absolute best and most unique gift ever!!!!  Marie S.


I love the caricature. You guys did an amazing job. Next time I'm looking for a unique and personal gift to give I know where to come. Thank You. Susana G.


You did such an amazing job!!! It turned out better than I had imagined in my mind. The detail is incredible- my husband has a five o'clock shadow and my earrings match the earrings in the photo I submitted. I can't explain how pleased I am! Thank you so much! My husband will be very surprised by this for our anniversary. I will recommend your company over and over again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Brianna


This is fantastic! It is such a likeness. I had this done for a retirement gift and I’m sure that he will just love it! Great job on his car, the color is tough to match, I’m amazed on how close you came from my description and a few poor pictures. Great job guys, I will definitely do this again.  Chrystal P.


This has been a great experience. I was so happy that I waited to buy my groomsmen gifts and did not just go with cufflinks or something else like that. This gift is very original. Everything was completed very promptly and if there was a problem it was addressed right away. Also the artwork of the guys faces is right on so thank you very much. Derek K.


The service was amazing, all customer service reps. were very helpful and patient with me throughout the entire process. They were able to answer all the questions that I had and provided some much needed information. The artwork itself is second to none! This is the best gift idea for a wedding party that I have ever seen. I guarantee I will be back again purchasing artwork for other events that come up. Thanks so much!  Michael H.


My experience with you guys was fantastic. When I would call you were very helpful and quick to answer my questions. You completed everything in the time you said you would and it will make a great gift to my groomsmen. Thanks!!!!!  Steven D.


I absolutely love the caricature. I tried to accurately describe what I wanted, but I wasn't sure if it made sense. You not only captured the scene I wanted, but you made it much better than I could have imagined. Thank you! It has been great working with your company too. You have exceeded my expectations.  Wendy S.


Absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Thank you so much!!!  Stephanie J.


I am very impressed by your work!! I was skeptical about ordering on-line but I'm glad I took the chance. Your artist and customer service is outstanding. Thank you.  Kendra R.


Amazing. Better than expected! They matched exactly what I requested and without a doubt exceeded all expectations in both quickness and quality of the artwork!  Brent S.


I came across this site while I was looking for a unique groomsman gift. I was very impressed by the work that was in the gallery, but a little hesitant that my order wouldn't be as good! That thought was crazy because I couldn't be happier with the caricature that was created! I gave the artist some direction, but just let them use their imagination based on general ideas. If you are looking at the site and trying to decide if you want to order a caricature just do it! These guys are amazing!  Brian F.


An outstanding job! The artist took my humble instructions and turned the picture into everything that I wanted and even more. This is my second caricature and I certainly will be back for more. Your website is very user friendly and your processing time is outstanding. Thank you very much! John K.


You guys are amazing! The caricature looks exactly like my dad! What an awesome job. Definitely worth the money!!!  Stephanie Z.


Once again, a fabulous job! This is about the 10th caricature I have order, and everyone has been absolutely AWESOME. The recipient each time has been thrilled with the outcome. Thank you!  Michele R.


I would just like to say how wonderful it was to work with you guys. You went WAY above and beyond, especially looking up my fraternity's crest, and it is better that I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for providing such a reliable and dependable service. I cannot wait until I can tell everyone about where I got these. We will be back for more!!! Thanks again!  Mike M.


This is a fantastic unique gift idea. I expect to order many more of these items for family and friends. I'm so glad I found this Web site. I could not be any happier with my purchase.  Paul R.


You have captured the "essence" of Renee perfectly. I know we gave you the face to work with but the drawings of the background and the artist's interpretation of our ideas was just incredible. Thank you, thank you for creating a memory we all can enjoy.  Sue S.


I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product! It fits my brother to a "T" and will undoubtedly be the most unique gift he has ever received. Thank you again for your prompt service and professionalism. It met and exceeded any and all of my expectations. I hope to use your services again soon!  Brian S.


I love my caricature. Its even better than I expected. The artist did a great job and when I called with questions the staff was very friendly and helpful. Thanks from one very satisfied customer! Sarah H.


The artist captured my groomsmen perfectly. The details and personal touch was exactly what I wanted. The picture turned out AWESOME and I can't wait to present it as a gift. The artists at GiveAcaricature have provided excellent service and prepared the picture sooner than expected. I will definitely do business with them in the future.  Jason D.


As the Royal Air Force (our British) friends say out here, "That's just brilliant." Thank you again for the timeliness and accuracy of the caricature.  Robert G.


The results were awesome. Customer service was exceptional. They really captured the guys from my wedding party and created an exciting picture from just a few descriptions. They were incredibly fast. Overall a great experience, I would definitely recommend it!  Eryn


The entire process couldn't have been smoother. Both the artist and Cheryl were more than accommodating and patient with me given the number of groomsmen in my wedding. Any questions/concerns/corrections were dealt with in a timely fashion and professionally. I was so pleased that I decided to order a second caricature of my wife to be and me for guests to sign at the wedding. Thanks for such a wonderful gift for my groomsmen. It is definitely different than what I constantly see given by grooms and everyone that has seen the proof loves it. Thanks, again.  Vincent P.


I'm a very creative person and like to do things that have meaning. I searched FOREVER trying to find a gift creative enough, yet fit for giving as a gift, that would be perfect for my groomsmen. And boy did I find it w/ Leading Edge Gifts. From beginning to end it was an absolutely perfect experience. I talked w/ more than one person from the company to make sure things were done right. I provided a very detailed picture, w/ 11 caricatures involved in the scene. And... not only did the artists nail everyone - they added more to the picture than I even thought possible. And let me tell you, I was very nervous about having to pay up front. But after speaking w/ Rick & Cheryl, they informed me of the quality of work they do - and boy did they back it up. I can't say enough of my whole experience from beginning to end. And the caricature itself - perfect. Unbelievably perfect actually. I've looked at it at least 100 times and analyzed it in every way possible, and it's perfect. Literally.... perfect. I can't wait to give it to my groomsmen. I've showed my fiancé and sister, and both think the exact same thing - it's so good, we can't stop laughing every time we look at it. Perfection! There's no other word for it. THANK YOU!!!  Brian D.


I have used giveacaricature.com several times and rest assured I would come to you repeatedly. Every time the artist’s outcome has been fantastic … the recipient absolutely LOVED the caricature. The entire staff at giveacaricature.com goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service. You obviously take great pride your work ... and it shows. Thanks again to the artists and the entire staff for the quick turnaround and all your efforts in making this gift such a tremendous success. I will be pleased to recommend giveacaricature.com highly to other groups seeking such services. Sincerely,  Jodi P.


GiveAcaricature has been one of the best experiences we ever had, dealing with an internet service and entrusting our hope and expectations so far from home. It is obvious that their main goal is to satisfy the customer and they certainly achieved that goal with our retirement gift for a family member. We cannot wait to present it and I'm excited at the thought of having another one done when my husband retires. Everyone we dealt with was very gracious and professional. We are so happy with the results!!   P & G Sfameni


What a wonderful piece of art! The artist took my description and created a more accurate scene than even I imagined. The service was fast, and the process was extremely simple. Thank you so much - we will be sure to order many more drawings in the near future. I will be sure to tell all of my family and friends about the experience, service, and most importantly talent! Thanks again!  Jason G.


Dear Give-A-Caricature, I waited a long time to get married (54 years) and had 7 groomsmen in the wedding party (compared to 4 bridesmaids). They included my brother, two brother-in-laws to be and four high school buddies. I wanted to give these guys something unique to remember the momentous occasion so I googled "groomsmen gifts". It took a little bit of digging through the possibilities, but once I saw the potential that Give-A-Caricature offered, I began to give it a deeper look. It may not be the solution for every groomsmen gift, but it definitely received an overwhelming response from each of my groomsmen as I delivered the "Wedding Crashers" caricature to each of them. Normally the groomsmen gifts are given to the guys on the wedding day or just beforehand. In this case, the wait was well worth it, since I used pictures taken during the wedding ceremony itself. Now the 16" x 20" picture frame/caricature will hang proudly in their homes and they will be reminded of that gorgeous autumn day when their buddy finally joined the ranks of the married. Thank you very much Give-A-Caricature,  Gary D.


Excellent Customer Service!! Understands the customer's requirement very accurately and puts the same into execution. Thanks a ton to the Team!! Keep up your outstanding work!!!!!  Aarthi


You guys are the most amazing artists in the business! I've now ordered 3 caricatures from you guys, all vastly different, yet vastly personalized, and they've turned out beyond my wildest expectations. I'll keep coming back here AND recommending this site to all my friends and family. Keep up the amazing work!!!  Alexis G.


I am amazed at the ease of placing an order and with the quality and timeliness of the Artists.  I have not yet received my printed caricature, but the preview was ready a day early and if it's anything close to what I saw with the preview will be PERFECT!  They captured my ideas and suggestions exactly as I had envisioned them and expertly created details which I had left open to the artist. I will no doubt tell anyone looking for a unique and thoughtful gift to give this a try.

Carlos G.


Holy Moly! My caricature scene is AWESOME and it was completed in no time at all! Very beautiful work! I blinked and it was done! I am definitely recommending your site to others. Thank you so much for your talent and professionalism. Have a GREAT day!  Stephanie W.


Thank you for doing such a great job! I loved it so much I just ordered another one. I am sure I will be ordering more over the next few months for Christmas gifts for those people who have everything. I bet they don't have one of these. 

Mary N.


My brother received one of your caricature's for a groomsmen gift and it was incredible!! I was waiting for a special occasion to design that special gift....and you did just that!!!! The caricatures looked just like the couple I had you draw!! You incorporated my request better than what I expected!! I can't wait to give the gift and look forward to more of your creations in the future. Thanks for making that unique gift!!  Jackie V.


You followed my instructions to the letter and the finished product looks exactly as I had envisioned it. Thank you for your prompt attention to my request as we have a deadline to meet. I would recommend your company to anyone who is interested in a personal or corporate gift.  Audrey F.


I got caricatures done for my groomsmen as their gifts. I cant even begin to explain how excited I am. I've never been this happy with anything I've ever bought especially for someone else. I'm all about personal gifts, something that the recipient will appreciate, and this is the gift of all gifts. Thank you so so much. You hit the nail right on the head with my description. Very professional, very fast and the most personalized gift you can get. 


Amazing Artwork! Great attention to detail and impeccable artistic work! I would never go anywhere else to get a caricature done! I already recommend this website to all of my friends and family and they love it and have used it too! Thank you!  Alexis G.


Turnaround time and quality of work was fantastic! The customer service team could not have been more helpful. An incredible gift idea and a wonderful experience. Thanks.  Kelly L.


This company is great! The communication was friendly and very timely. The artist worked very hard to make the subtle changes that personified the people being drawn to my exact specifications. The resulting artwork is a fun piece that will proudly be displayed, and will become more cherished as the years go on. Thanks so much!  Debbie


The picture turned out awesome. My wife and I were amazed at how accurate the picture looks to the real photos. I'll recommend you guys to anyone that asks. Thanks again.  Brian


All of the work that was done was fantastic and done in a very timely fashion. The scene was created exactly as I wanted it and had planned. I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Charles H.


Love the caricature. It’s dead on. I’m using it as an invitation it’s going to be a big hit. Excellent customer service!  Christina D.


Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We love it!! And it's ready earlier than expected. We can't wait to give it to Eileen. Fantastic job; thank you so much. What a very special gift for a very special person. -Janice R.


This is the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person or that hard to shop for occasion. It is truly unique and will last a lifetime! Thanks so much!  Jeff H.


Really happy with the final product. The whole ordering process is smooth and orders are processed quickly. Fantastically setup and run to give the buyer a unique once in a life time gift.  Scott P.


I am so happy with the picture! It is the best and most unique gift I was able to find! You have been so easy to work with as well as your website being extremely easy to navigate through! From Start to finish it was only a couple days!!! I am so pleased and will refer you to as many people as possible! I will be back around Christmas to order more! Thank you again!! John C.


I am very pleased with the proof. The artist captured the essence of the new young doctor and incorporated items in the background that relate to his new job. I know that I provided a LOT of information and did not expect everything to be incorporated but the major items were included. Thank you so much. I am sure he will be pleased with his gift.  Valeria A.

The caricature is absolutely astonishing. The subject is so recognizable and yet so lighthearted a rendition! The little touches were wonderful. Thank you!  Maria D.


I am thrilled with how the caricatures turned out. I am very happy with the customer service on the phone and the fact that there were no hidden or surprise charges. I thank you again for having it ready days in advance of the suggested viewing date. I can't wait to see the looks on my groomsmen's faces.  Alan


This is the coolest thing EVER! I searched all around for a gift for my bridesmaids and I think this was the perfect gift. It's unexpected and different and I think they will absolutely love it. thank you!  Michele


Thank you so much! I can't wait to give this to my bridesmaids.  They are going to love it. we really wanted to give them something different and that reflects our sense of humor and something more personal. Tim L. & Christina F.


The picture came out great. And the turnaround was crazy fast! Thanks, the groomsmen will love it :)  Brent P.


I am so happy with my caricature. I can't stop looking at it. Thanks!  Jeff C.


I cannot wait to give this gift to them and see their reaction. What a wonderful and unique way to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Thanks for doing such a great job and for being so easy to work with. Linda K.


My caricature turned our perfect and I can't wait to give it as a gift to my groomsmen! I am amazed at how the caricature faces look just like the photo's I sent in. This will be a gift that provides awesome memories each time it is looked at and I couldn't think of another gift that would be better. Thank you!!!  Chad B.


You guys are AWESOME!!! A friend of mine told me about this site two weeks ago as I was pulling my hair out trying to come up with a gift idea for my 1st. Wedding Anniversary. The artist captured my thoughts and description exactly how I pictured it. I will make sure to tell all my friends about GiveAcaricature.com. Thanks Again!  Rose S.


I was looking for a unique gift for my boss - hard to find after 17 years of working together and giving every gift I could think of. This is perfect! You did a GREAT job of catching his personality and the finished product looks just like him! Thanks for a great job!  Debbie R.


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my order. Everyone who has seen it thinks its the greatest thing! I also appreciate the wonderful customer service, including the prompt answers to any of my correspondence. Cheryl especially was terrific! Tell the artist thanks for a job well done. Erin C.


WOW!!!!! And here we were wondering if the artist would be able to capture the feel we were looking for. As it turns out it is far better than we could have hoped for. Love the added details like the bar, the beer bottles, bloodshot eyes. Absolutely fabulous!  Holly P.


The first comment out of my mouth (aloud too!) when I saw the caricature was "COOL!!". With your wonderful talent and imagination, you hit every request bang on!! We are SO impressed and SO thankful!! I just can't wait to see my nephew's face when he opens it up!! Thank you again!! With appreciation, Barb S.


At first, I was skeptical about how nice this would turn out, but now I can't wait to present it to my groomsmen as a gift! Thanks GiveAcaricature.com!!!  Michael W.


Just have to say you are the nicest people to do business with. You honestly try and do satisfy the customer. Thank you so very much for all the revisions. I know I was a pain in the (you know what!) but you were always polite and only wanted to make sure that I was satisfied. Not many companies like yours on the internet, trust me I know as I do a lot of shopping on the internet because I live on an island and it isn't easy to do certain things. I'll bet your thrilled that I finally accepted the caricature! It's great!! Nancy D.


Very gifted artist can do amazing things. What you have done has made a retired mans day, month, year, and life even more worth wild. Thank you very much to the entire employee staff that make this experience excellent.  Jeffrey D.


The artist hit is right on the head! I never laughed so hard at a picture. I will be sure to use you again and recommend your company...1000% thank you, Jason B.


The caricature drawing was absolutely awesome!!! Everything I expected and more. The caricature art is such a wonderful personalized gift. I definitely plan to have more done in the future. Thank you so much!!  Jessica I.


I love the picture!!! Everything was EXACTLY how I described. I cant believe how close to our likeness the pictures are. The artist is EXCELLENT. Cant wait to see my husband's face when he opens this on his birthday. Thanks Give A Caricature! I've already raved to my coworkers about you & they all love the picture too. Melanie


My fiancé and I really wanted a different type of wedding. We wanted to do things that people would remember. One of those things we wanted to do was to get our images caricatured so that we could frame it and have our reception guests sign the matting. Unfortunately this great idea did not come until about two weeks before our wedding day! We called GiveAcaricature.com and they assured us that they could have exactly what we wanted done in plenty of time. Of course we put a rush on our artwork and 3 DAYS LATER we had exactly what we wanted. It looks great and it was a great success at our wedding. I would highly recommend this company not only for its promptness but because of the courteous customer relations they had over the phone with me. Thanks GiveAcaricature, we WILL do business again!  Tony S.


Excellent caricature! You should be very proud of your talent! Thanks again!  Jim R.


Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this project. The artist's interpretation of my request was perfectly done. I would suggest your services to anyone who inquired.  Richard E.


The caricature is perfect and looks exactly like I pictured it. We originally tried to have a friend draw this for us but it came out very poorly. It was well worth the money to get it done right from GiveAcaricature.com.  Ryan B.


Your artist, with the help of Cheryl, captured everything I was looking for!!! The caricatures are dead on and the theme is exactly what I wanted. I have enough traditional engraved groomsmen gifts to fill a drawer... this is something different which I know my guys will appreciate. Thank You! Adam K


I have not received the caricature yet, but what I saw from the preview, IT LOOKS OFF THE HOOK!!!!!! I can't wait to get it and see it framed with the plaque. The process of ordering the caricature has been very easy and you guys are very prompt and efficient!!!!!! Thanks!!  Yamir D-C


Very nice work! Perfect match of everyone's face, and with a humorous twist to the scene. Process to order and receive a preview was really smooth and easy.  Reid


The business logo that your company designed for us is exactly what we were looking for. All the directions that we gave your artist were followed out precisely and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Thanks very much!  Carol C.


The caricature that was created for my groomsmen was great! You guys did a wonderful job! Thanks for everything! Marcos NYC


I love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!I know I didn't really have a very clear picture for you to use, but please tell the artist that drew this picture, that it looks just like him and thank you so much. He did a great job, and I'm looking forward to the next gift I have to buy. Sincerely, Stephanie D.


Thank you for the caricature!!!! It is perfect, this will be the third one I give as a gift and as usual I'll be the hero. You absolutely nailed the description and my request.  Claudia H.


We could not think of what would be a memorable groomsmen gift and when we found GiveACaricature online, it was perfect. And the caricature turned out better than perfect. I have already recommended the site to multiple other brides. Thanks!!!  Britney E.


This has been a really good experience! The order process was very simple, the follow-through was very good and the final product has been terrific. I am definitely going to recommend this company to other people for the special gifts they may want to give.  Becky J.


This is the fourth picture I have ordered as a gift - the pictures are ALWAYS awesome, and ALWAYS loved by the recipient. Thanks for such an original and personal gift.  Michele R.


The caricature looks great!! It has all the right things in it. There were some problems with a poor photo, but the artist did a great job making it work. I am glad that I chose this company to do my groomsmen gifts.  Chris


Incredible! After my first caricature of my fiancé & I turned out so good I had high expectations for my groomsmen gift. You exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Cheryl was very helpful along the way as well. Thanks for helping out with a GREAT gift!  Ken T.


This was a gift for my boyfriend and he LOVES it!!! He said that it is priceless, and he doesn't know how he will ever top this gift!!! Thank you so much!!!  Jocelyn D.


Our team is so pleased with the caricature we ordered for a farewell gift for our colleague! The fast turnaround time for a rush order allowed us to give a memorable and personalized gift. The quality and detail was amazing…everything we asked for in the scene was included. Very talented artists! We would definitely order again!  Sara F.


You guys are great! Love the final product and it's exactly how I wanted it. The revisions were done faster than I expected. I'm sure my friend is going to love it. Thank you!  Richa


With the two little changes -- it is PERFECT now. I called today to ask about it and I read testimonials that the personnel there were great... and they are! She was so helpful, so friendly. Thanks!!! I look forward to having the framed pic in my hands. STILL would recommend you all.  Pam M.


I would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to both Lori, and especially, Cheryl, who were BIG helps in having our caricature turn out great! I would definitely recommend your site as one that delivers an excellent quality caricature and whose personnel continue to maintain a positive, working relationship with the customer until the caricature is finished - no matter how long that process takes!!! Cheryl (and Lori) are assets to the company and should be commended for their patience in taking care of the details to ensure the customer is happy with the end result. Our thanks, too, to the artist, who was able to create a wonderful caricature that we are most happy with! Thanks again. Julie B. DermPath

 Diagnostics (a division of AmeriPath, Inc.)


I was a little hesitant but once I saw my actual final product I couldn't be happier. The artist did an outstanding job! Thank you - this is such a unique gift.  John V.

I just wanted to let you know that the people that work for your company were wonderful. I had to call in the order since I was receiving an internet error and I had to call to discuss revisions and both times your employees were a HUGE assistant. Especially Cheryl - I had repeated conversations with her and she was great. Thanks for all your help.  Kristen M.

WOW! I gotta say, I AM IMPRESSED! Absolutely would recommend you to anyone! You SOO captured "it"! The details were phenomenal -- from the beer mug on top of the Saloon to the bride's shopping bags to the groom's RAMS tie!! Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Thank You!! Pam M.


This is a fantastic idea. Our caricature was the perfect going away gift for our office associate. It was personal, sentimental, and a whole lot of fun. Thanks, you have a remarkable gift! Christina B.


I had a very specific design that I wanted for my older brother's wedding gift. I sent in tons of pictures and pages of description. The artist managed to take what it was that I wanted...and turn in into a caricature even better than what I was expecting. It was so great, I had to buy one for myself. Thanks again! I love it.  Jake C.


These looked good on the page, but once the drawings were completed they were amazing!  Trevor P.


I originally doubted that you could truly capture the idea I had in mind but you did! It's incredible! Thanks!  Cindy M.


As a unique, creative, and "outside of the box" thinker, I wanted something very special and thoughtful for my best friends gifts for being my Groomsmen at my wedding. The Give a Caricature artist produced a stunningly beautiful piece of art that was above and beyond my expectations. I love it in every way. I'm a perfectionist and it is perfect. Thank you for all the hard work, skill, and thoughtful collaboration in creating this piece of unique original art. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!  Timothy D.


I love it! Thanks so much to you all for correspondences. You did an awesome job of keeping me posted and getting back w/ me on inquiries. The picture is great & I know my husband will just LOVE it! I will be sure to tell friends/family about your great work & services. Thanks again, Crissy S.


Amazing! Somehow the artist captured not only the physical appearance of my groomsmen but their personality as well. Can't wait to give this gift!!  Ed G.


I'm very pleased with my final product. Give-a-caricature has been super easy to work with. They had a quick response time to my emails and when I had a few requests for revisions they made them free of charge. I would recommend this as a great gift for anyone. I made a caricature for two long time friends who stood in my wedding.  Tony

The caricature looks great! It's exactly what I had in mind. It's just been my attorney and I working together for the last year and he's been the best boss ever. He has a great sense of humor and is an amazing defense attorney. I hate to see him go! I wanted to give him a unique farewell gift and this is perfect. I was very nervous about doing this on-line, but your company has made the process very easy and fun at the same time. Thank you so much for the fantastic work!!   Angela W.


Your rendering of Duane is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! What talent you have!! And the buildings, his car and all the techy gadgets with our HDI Premiere logo and our vision statement is just awesome! I am at a LOSS for words. OUTSTANDING WORK. I'll make sure I pass around your web site to all my techy folks back at the office.  I'm sure once they get see this rendering of Duane, they will ALL want to order from you! I most definitely will be ordering again for my husbands birthday, his retirement, our friends holiday gifts, etc. I AM SOOOOOOOOO GLAD I FOUND YOU GUYS! This is worth every penny and this caricature will be a cherished picture for Duane. Thank you so much for helping me make his going away party so very very cool! Wow............ Halle' H., Portage, MI


This was an absolutely easy way to give the perfect gift. The company used my ideas to create a caricature that looks extremely similar to the subject I ordered. Thank you for the great job, I'm sure we will treasure this gift for many years.  Barb L.


Proof looks great! Looking forward to seeing it in the frame and giving it to my wife on our anniversary. Thank you! Kevin C.

Amazing! A thousand times better then anticipated. Great Job! This will be something I will never forget. I will recommend this type of gift to anyone! Thanks, Eric C


Wow that was better then I ever expected guys. Great detail and perfectly done. Thank you and its definitely worth the money. A great gift that will last a lifetime. Glenn G.


The caricature was just what I wanted... hilarious!!!!! Thank you. Carmen S.


The caricature came out better than I had expected. The artwork was just simply awesome! The customer service was excellent. The timing of each phase was delivered as promised. There is no doubt that I will use GiveACaricature again for my creative gift options. Jane H.


All I can say is Brilliant!!!! Job Well Done!!!!!! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs ideas for a gift. thank you for making my parent's anniversary a memorable one.  Heather K.


My experience was great, customer service team was very timely and the artwork was amazing. Thanks everyone!  Michael L.


This is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't change a thing when it came time to review it, as the artist incorporated everything that I wanted them to. Thanks a lot.  Brian L.


I was looking for something fun & unique to help celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. I'm so glad that I came across your website! I looked at the photo gallery on-line and was very impressed. When you guys sent the first proof, it just made me laugh - something I'm sure my parents will do when they see it for the first time! The artist far exceeded my expectations. We only had to make one minor adjustment (added a few words) and you guys did it without any problems. I have already shown numerous people from work the caricature and your web site and now they want to use you guys for their occasion. Thank you for this fun experience - we can't wait to give it to our parents!!  Stephanie V.


Thank you so much for the drawing! It is wonderfully funny and captures the spirit of my parents very well. Thanks for helping to make this a wonderful 40th anniversary for my folks!  Lukas B.


The caricature turn out GREAT! It has everything we asked for in the picture and the image of the person is extremely accurate. There is no question as to who it is. Ordering, reviewing and added a couple minor changes were easy to do and handled very timely. I highly recommend this business.  Cheryl S.


Very pleased with the outcome and with customer service. You were very helpful and on task when it came to answering all of our questions. The artwork was on time and very well done! Thank you!  Shawn H.


The customer service of this website is amazing. They get back to you in a hurry and answer every question you ask. This will make a great gift and thank you so much.  Jimmy C.


AWESOME!!!! Couldn't believe how real the caricature is to the real picture. The timing was great. Reviewing the caricature was easy as well as the website was very user friendly. Thanks Blasita S.


It is like the Giveacaricature.com artist had actually visited our medical office. They knew how to pose the caricatures without full body photos or a description. They matched the woodwork color too. They followed my instructions and made just enough changes to make the final artwork better than I had envisioned.  Jay M.


My siblings and I ordered a picture of my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary because we thought it was such a great idea - especially for older folks who already have everything they want or need and don't want more "knick-knacks" to dust. I submitted a photo of them with background information with no problem. When I received the completed character my siblings and I didn't think my dad was a close enough likeness so I submitted additional photos. When I received the second version it was much better but some of my siblings still weren't too sure. I relayed my concerns to the artist. My point in writing this is to let you know that through all the back and forth exchanges, your company was very professional and helpful and the artist (Eric Jones) even took the time to write me a personal email assuring me that what he did was an exact replica of what I had sent. I guess because we were so concerned about having the picture "perfect" we overlooked that it was. So thank you so much for working with me and my siblings and the service you offer is unique and authentic.  Elizabeth R.


THIS IS PERFECT!!! Thank you sooo much for being patient and making the many changes that I requested. I know John is going to love it when he sees it, Just as I did!! I have already had some of my friends look at your website, and now they have some GREAT gift ideas. They loved it too. Thank you again!! Char


The experience working with the people here was amazing! They where fast, vary easy to talk to, and most importantly the details where amazing and they looked just like the real people. I would recommend them to friends and family for a great gift idea.  Peter G.


What a unique gift! Easy to ask for revisions and included everything we wanted in the finished piece. Mahalo!  Juvy H.


I LOVE IT!!!! You guys really are amazing and I'm sure this will NOT be the last time I order from you!!! Thank you again!!!  Amy S.


This is awesome! We will definitely be back for more! You captured the likeness of our boss to a "T"! We love it, love it, love it! Thank you so very much!  Lucy D.

The experience was great. This is something that is very unique to give for a present. Thank you so much for your patient and I am sure we will be using your services again in the near future. Marla M. Executive Air Services


We used giveacaricature.com for a retirement gift for our Foundation Board President. We could not have been happier with the finished product! The artist did an amazing job. We look forward to working with giveacaricature.com again in the future!  Kate, US Lacrosse


That was exactly what I wanted. You guys are awesome!!!  Elizabeth W.


Very talented artists and the customer service was outstanding. Thank you for creating a gift that I am sure will be treasured for many years to come.  Lori C.


We love our coach's caricature on our team photo and can't wait to give it to him at our end-of-the-season party!!  Terry C.

I love it!!! It is even better than I thought it would be and my husband will be so surprised and happy. Thank you for a fantastic 10th anniversary gift for him.  Phyllis D.


It is amazing how you guys do this. It is a true gift. Everyone looks great and the experience was quick and painless. Any changes I needed made which were very few were done perfectly and unbelievably quick. It was a great experience and I will recommend you guys to everyone I can. Thank you very much.  Diego M.


Again, Fast & Accurate! Thanks - Your going to help make the rehearsal dinner and our wedding day a great success!  Patrick N.


This is the most fantastic gift you could give! I am so impressed at what the artist came up with by virtue of a very simple background suggestion. I am thrilled with the results and am sure to come back as a repeat customer in the future for those hard to by for friends and family who have absolutely everything! Thank you so much! I am so very pleased!  Nicole T.


Great Job! Hit it on the nail on the first try and in only 2 days! The guys are going to go nuts! Thanks  Patrick N.


This is the second caricature I have had done in the last 3 months. I am very impressed with the work that you do. We had a slight miss understanding in the beginning but was taken care of promptly. I am looking forward to dealing with you again in the future. I will continue to direct friends and family to your web page. You do a great job all the way around. Thank you so very much.  Todd G.


I just saw the preview of my caricature that I ordered for my parents 25th wedding anniversary and I absolutely love it!!! I honestly couldn't have imagined it better. Whoever did it, did a fabulous job! Thank you so much!  Michelle


You guys are incredible! This has been such an easy experience, and the final product is fantastic! I am very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. They patiently answered all my questions, and did everything in their power to make sure the process went on without a hitch. Thank you! I will definitely be recommending Give A Caricature to my friends and family, and will also be a returning customer.  Frank S.


Absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to hang this caricature on the wall. It brings tears to my eyes. I will definitely be a return customer for all my gift needs. I am extremely happy with the quality and the quick response time. You guys are the best! Thanks again.  Brenda W.


I can't wait to give the caricatures to my graduating seniors at our Spring Concert! I know they are going to love them! We always want to give really "cool" presents at graduation....and I think this may be the best yet!! I will definitely be ordering again.  Heather R.


This is beyond my expectations, the detail that you were able to include is amazing. I think that this will be a gift that will have a special place in our recipient's heart. Thank you!!!!   Tiffany S.


Thank you so much! It is absolutely perfect! You captured our eyes and expressions like you've known us forever!  Maunalee H.


Picture looks great. I know the coaches will enjoy having it. This is their first year coaching and will be a great memory for them.  Tammy N.


This was absolutely the BEST gift I could have gotten for my groomsmen. Everyone was extremely helpful and it was so easy to do. Thank you so much - this is such a great idea!!!!  Thomas B.

Customer service is fantastic! Thanks Cheryl! Pete & Amanda


I love the caricature of my fiancé. You really captured his personality! I will certainly tell others about your company. The customer service and turn-around time was fantastic. Thanks again!  Terri


I absolutely LOVE how the caricature came out!! It is such an amazing likeness, and I still can't believe the artist incorporated all the images I requested to such perfection. He's going to love it! I have told at least 2 dozen people about this site, so get your artists ready for some work :) Thank you!  Anna D.


Wow the caricature is outstanding you really captured the essence of my Father! His retirement will be that much more enjoyable with this fine gift hanging on his wall~Thank you!  Jennifer M.


Amazing talent...the artwork is a 100% dead on match to the actual people included in the photo. This will make an awesome present that no one will ever expect or ever be able to match. Thanks again for all the help and the speedy changes (that I submitted the wrong way and still got taken care of...another example of the superb customer service!) Thanks again for everything and I can't wait to receive the final product. AMAZING!!!  Michael F.


The caricature came out perfect! It is exactly what I had envisioned! I am very excited to give this birthday gift I know the recipient is going to love it and laugh often when looking at it. thank you very much this is truly a unique gift. Shonda


What an absolutely AMAZING job by the artist on our caricature!!! We provided many details, along with photos of each of the individuals in the picture. The artist incorporated most all of our suggestions into our scene, which is going to make this going away gift for our boss all the more special since each of us have interests for which we are known. Because so many of our details have been included, our boss will notice something "new" each time he looks at the picture after he's moved to his new office. And the resemblances of our staff to our actual appearances are truly UNREAL. I accessed the caricature preview while at home and my 2-year-old daughter recognized me in the picture right away. The artist is so very talented and was very accommodating with a few preview changes. The customer service staff - Cheryl & Erin - were also quite helpful throughout this process. We are more than pleased with our finished product!  TECO Staff


I was amazed at the likeness of the caricature to the individual. I appreciated how we were able to fine-tune the final product to one we were completely happy with. I will definitely keep you in mind for our next occasion.  Linda S.

I was extremely pleased with the artist's caricature that was based on the photos I uploaded. The artist is clearly a very creative person and truly impressed me. I also was quite pleased with the excellent customer service I received when I called to update my shipping information (I spoke with Erin). I will definitely recommend this company to others, and will likely use it again. Thanks!  Kevin D.


Absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. Everyone that sees it raves about it.Tim M.


Thank you for creating the perfect congratulatory gift for my fiancé. It is exactly as I requested and he will love it. Thanks a million!!! Chrissy W.


Fabulous! This is the fantastic!!! I absolutely love it and will definitely order again! What great and personalized gift ideas!!  Heather M.


I couldn't believe how accurately you captured our boss in this caricature. It's amazing how much it looks like her. Thank you so much! She is going to love it! Nancy B.


Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my co-worker's caricature. It was very creative and funny and I'm sure he will enjoy it. The picture was especially creative based on the unique job setting in which we work. Thanks again! Misty


Hi, What a great job!! I was laughing when I saw it. Thank You sooo much!! My mom is going to LOVE it!!! What a great Mothers Day gift this is going to be!! Thank you again for your hard work, and I will be telling everyone about you. Take Care, Janet D.


I really want to thank you for the great product! It is AWESOME!! I can't wait to give it to my groomsmen!! Thank you for all of your help, and I will definitely recommend you to as many people as possible!! John C.


You did a wonderful job on the graduation gift for my sister! She is going to LOVE it! Thanks! Kim W.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your service! From the start the people in customer service were exceptionally helpful and very prompt in answering questions I had. The artist has done a wonderful job in creating the caricature for our Vet and we couldn't be more pleased with the overall experience. Thank you again for a great experience. I would highly recommend you and wouldn't hesitate to use you again. Catherine F.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is perfect. I couldn't have asked for more. Even though we knew that the artist was going on vacation, he still managed to expedite the order in a timely fashion. We couldn't have asked for more, REALLY! This is a unique and a well rounded gift for the old, young, man, women and the kid at heart. This is the perfect "gag" gift. Everyone loves it! They love it so much that they want one whenever they decide to leave. I guess you had better tell the artist to get there pencils ready because NMSC is coming back for more. Thanks again - EXCELLENT!, Monica D.


This is possibly be the best gift I've ever given! Working with GiveAcaricature.com was fun, fast, and professional. The finished proof is just what I wanted - only better! What a great company and artist! Thank you for making this occasion extra-special. Sincerely, Susan G.


I would like to thank the people from GiveAcaricature.com for their wonderful work and customer service. The contacted me with a timing issue and helped me resolve so I could see my images in hand in no time. The pictures look great and are the perfect gift for my friends. I couldn't have done it any better without the help from the people here! Pictures are fantastic and so was the service...Thanks.  Kevin R.


Everybody at the site was very informative and helpful. The artist depicted the scene to a tee and ran with my ideas and the final result was amazing. I will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you.  Mark H.


I had been racking my brain trying to think of a gift for my best man at my forthcoming wedding and happened to stumble on your website. I admit to being a bit dubious about it but found the website and customer service excellent so ordered a framed caricature, the service carried on being excellent and the final product was delivered to me in England in immaculate condition extremely quickly. I would like to thank everyone involved it truly is a unique gift I'm sure he will love it, I would not hesitate in recommending this company. Thanks Again.  Alex A.


I ordered a "GIVE A CARICATURE" by Leading Edge Gifts. The service they provided was excellent. I was kind of a pain asking for changes but they didn't complain and now I have a GREAT CARICATURE to give as a gift. I know the person receiving it will be extremely pleased as I am. Thank you so very much GREAT WORK!!!  Paul M.


You guys were very quick and helpful with any questions that I needed answered. The Caricature itself is phenomenal. I have 9 people in the photo and you guys nailed every one of them! Thank you so much.  Docimo


I am very happy with my caricature. I was also impressed with the quick response of your customer service representative, Cheryl. Everything was perfect. I would recommend you to family and friends. I can't wait to give this to my dad for his retirement. My husband also appreciated the correct details that you put into his motorcycle. You must be doing your homework. Thank You!!  Jennifer D.


You really captured a special moment so perfectly. As a customer from Canada I would say your customer service was exceptional too. You provide a service that I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you, Fran B.


I just wanted to say Thank you! I have spoken with both Erin and Cheryl and let them both know that I was under a very tight timeframe to get this caricature done before my wedding in just two weeks. Erin and Cheryl both took the time to explain the process and made sure that I chose all of the right ordering options to ensure this could be done in time. Also, the caricature itself is AMAZING...not only did the artist capture the likeness of all the guys, but was able to include all of the personal touches. So, thank you to the artist as well! I will remember you all when I am in need of unique gifts in the future. Thank you for making my wedding more memorable!   Tony M.


YOU ROCK!   Eric J.


Great picture. Great service. Everything I needed was accommodated. From rush processing to last minute mailing changes. Absolute pleasure to do business with. Rob D.; NY


This is my second order and I'm very happy with the product and great service. I'll be back again! Thanks!  Dustin F.


You nailed our parents personalities beautifully and the photo background of all their favorite shows while they stand in Times Square was exactly what we were hoping for. It looks fantastic and my sister and I know they will just love it for their 25th Anniversary. It's the perfect gift. Travis G.


This is beyond what I imagined! Thank you so much for your interpretation of my idea. The Artist is obviously very skilled and has a great imagination. Simply put, this will be the biggest hit for my groomsmen. Thanks So Much, and I will be referring your services to all my friends! -Michael M. & Renee R.


I am truly amazed by what a phenomenal job you guys did. First off, the customer service and response time was fantastic. Second, the artist's final work was truly amazing. Not only did he draw the scene to my liking, but the faces were extremely accurate. I am so thrilled with the great gift I'm about to give my groomsmen, and I'm truly in awe at what a great job was done. Thank you so much for your patience and great work, this really is a great gift.  Vincent C.


Thank you for the great job your entire staff did! I ordered this for my father's retirement/birthday party. I needed to receive the caricature in a short time period and even though the artist was going on vacation, the revisions I wanted were completed quickly so that my order can be delivered on time for the party! I received follow up phone calls to give me status updates as well! I'm sure that my father will be very pleased.  Cara G.


It's excellent, I know he's going to love it. thank you so much for getting it done so soon. I look forward to creating another one soon! SrA Maria P.


What a terrific job. Every little detailed requested was included. No problem with revisions and they were done right away. I will use this service again in the future. Thank you.  Donna C.


Thanks so much for all the fiddly bits, you were terrific and very patient!!! This is the only picture we have of us a family where we are all looking good!!! We love it and it will take pride of place in our new lounge room.  Jackie C.


This is the second caricature we have ordered and it has only been a few weeks since the first. This is certainly not the only gift you can give someone but it is the perfect gift for someone who already has everything. The first one we gave was such a hit so I think we will be ordering these for some time. Thank you guys so much for wanting to make working with you so special. It really is. Thanks again...John M.


I can't believe how awesome the caricature came out. I love it! I'm sure my boss will love it as well. Thank you for doing such a great job, it looks just like him. Good luck and Success.  Sally D.


It is great!!! The retirement party is a month away and we're going to have this in the lobby for the all the guests to see and sign. Thanks so much.  Pamela P.


It's amazing how the artist can depict a beautiful picture with only a little guidance!  Ashley


What a BEAUTIFUL job! Everything is absolutely perfect!!! With all my detailed instructions, there was only one thing missing, but it's okay because I can see how it wouldn't fit correctly in the picture. The artist is magnificent!!!! With the small picture I sent, I don't know how they captured her exactly the way she looks; and she was facing the opposite direction! I was speechless when I reviewed the picture. It's much better than I could ever have imagined. (and I made this up in my head) The artist took my words and made them come alive. Extraordinary!!! Hats off to whoever drew this. You are simply the BEST!!! :) I know the party will be a big success...because of you. My friend will absolutely love it!!!! God bless you.  Kimberly M.


I think it was a well done product and service and would definitely recommend this to my future grooms. It gives a personal touch to the typical groomsmen gift and also any gift. It's a one of a kind and a keepsake for those who receive it. It's amazing and I might come back and get another one for an anniversary. Thanks Dan T.


Brought my vision to a reality. I can't believe how much it looks like us! Unbelievable. I'd recommend you to anyone! Thanks again, Corey P.


Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. The caricature was perfect!!  Harley W.


Thank you so much for the quick turnaround on our changes and not charging us for the misunderstanding. We are simply thrilled with the four caricatures you have done for us this past month and will definitely use you for future gift ideas. Cheryl at your office has been a delight to work with and was very accommodating. It's always a pleasure to work with an organization that has great customer service! Keep it up!  Julie D. - Tencate


Much thanks to Erin who worked with me on this. Please relay to the artist the characters look just like my parents,  He really nailed it. And the animals and scenery were A-1. Thank you.  Garvel


Thank you so much, you did a great job and exactly what we asked. I will certainly use your services again. Thanks again for the fast service. Janet J.


Can’t believe how well you capture all of my groomsmen, every one of them looks just perfect. Thank you so much, I really can’t describe how impressed I am with this!!!!  Jared K.


An amazing caricature! Thank you for helping me create a unique and personal gift. I truly appreciate your quick and excellent service! I will definitely be a return customer!  Lori G.


This was simply amazing! You made a caricature that was above and beyond anything that I could picture in my mind. I absolutely love it and I can't wait to give it to my husband on our anniversary. Thank you so much!  Cheryl L.


I LOVE IT!!! I was a bit worried over what it might look like but it really suited the situation and the likeness is amazing! Thank you so much!  Roberta


It was a pleasure working with you! I most definitely want to thank Cheryl for all her help, she was always so nice and answered all of my questions. Plus, we love the artwork!  Katie S.


This whole process has been fabulous. We uploaded the photos easily, wrote out our instructions (which were quite detailed) and the artist captured the likenesses of our parents instantly. The artist even revised according to our instructions, and the end result is absolutely perfect! Its a special gift for our parents 50th wedding anniversary and I am certain they will love it. Thank you VERY MUCH!  Kelley B.


Awesome! I love it! I know my parents will get such a kick out of this and its a great, unique 50th Anniversary present!  Nancy T.


Thanks, This caricature is truly a one of a kind gift. This is a groomsmen gift that is a personalized item which demonstrates my bond with my groomsmen. Thanks  Chuck D.


Thank You very much for all your time and help. The Caricature was dead-on, and everything was the way I described it. It was a pleasure dealing with everyone over the phone.  Every question I had was answered promptly and with the utmost professionalism. Thanks again. -Mike B.


I just can’t believe how much the picture looks like all of us….Great job and done fast. The website was easy to navigate and the costumer service lady was great and helpful on the phone. I will recommend this to anyone and everyone. Once again Great Job very satisfied with finished project. Todd G.


I can't thank you enough for your amazing work and customer service. This final product is exactly what I imagined and what I wanted for my groomsmen. I was looking for a unique and personal gift and this hit the spot on so many levels. Thank you for working with me to make it perfect. Mark Y.




Absolutely fantastic job. The artist captured every detail of the descriptions I provided and the service was fast and efficient. Thanks so much, I really feel I have a unique and creative gift for my groomsmen. Great job !  Jim T.


Thank you for the work you did on this Caricature. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and the customer service your company provided us. Thanks again! Randi


A fabulous Police Academy Graduation gift. It was so easy even a not very literate computer user like me could do it! Thanks for making the steps so user friendly. And thank you to the artist for a perfect rendition of our brother Jimmy. I can't wait to give this gift to him!  Tom H.


The caricature looks awesome, and I'm so excited to see what my bridesmaids think. Caricatures are a really good gift idea. Thank you!!  Amy M.


My experience was excellent. I needed a complex caricature done in a very short time for a groomsmen gift. The staff helped me work it out and the artist absolutely nailed the look I was trying to describe. The likeness of my friends in the print is hilariously accurate. I think this might be a gift for the record books. Thanks a bunch, I love it.  Hans K.


Thank you for all your help. The pleasure was all mine. You staff, Cheryl, was very helpful. It was fast and the perfect gift. I know she is going to love it. I plan on using you more often in my military career. Thanks again.  Corinne M.


Thank you so much...It looks great! My fiancé is loving this idea for his groomsmen gifts! I am sure we will be working with you again in the future!  Martha R.


You guys blew my expectations out of the water. Your customer Service is first rate and the artist was patient to make two revisions to make my final version perfect. I can't wait to show my groomsmen the finished product. Thank you!  Michael


What a fabulous gift. I love that they took my ideas and made something truly unique and original! What a great 60th Birthday gift for my step-dad. I know he will LOVE it. Thank for the quick turn around and imagination. -Allison W


Job well done! I am really impressed on how similar the caricatures look like the actual people. Also, I appreciate your patience with me as I tried to obtain quality photographs. Can't wait to receive the prints!  Andrew K.


Exactly what I had in mind! Great artistry too! This is my second order with your company and I believe it to be an exceptional value! Definitely well worth the extra money for the additional characters (Godzilla and Spiderman). Thank you! Can't wait to see my husbands face when he receives it with a signed mat from all the guests at his surprise 40th birthday party this March! - Angela G.


The time was accurate and the caricature looks great. It's amazing to see one's interpretation someone else's description of a scene.  Siobhan


These caricatures look great! Thank you so much for taking the time to make the minor revisions I was asking for and thank you for your patience with me. You have definitely earned a repeat costumer! I can't wait to give these to our wedding party. I hope they find as much humor in it as we did. Thanks again!  Brian L.


You did a great job. At first I was a little worried if they would resemble the pictures at all. The 1st proof came back I was totally impressed you could tell exactly who everybody was. and the scenery was everything I specified. Great gift for any occasion.  Frank C.


Love the image... you've captured my sister's true character! Such speedy service, too. This was too easy! Many thanks.  Kristi B.


Absolutely amazing! Thank you for creating such an extremely unique engagement gift.  Kris


The perfect gift for the guys that have seen it all! My groomsmen and I went through war together and share many memories together. The artist captured our "partying" spirit perfectly!  Gilbert G.


Absolutely Fabulous..this came out so perfect and looks just like them. Thank you so much for getting this so quickly! You guys are the best!! Have a fabulous day! : )  Dorothy H.


I have just reviewed my proof today - it is fantastic. I am so pleased. Thank you for providing such an amazing way to capture memories. The service is very professional and speedy! I can't wait to get the original in the mail. Thank you  Lee-ann P.


We ordered a caricature as a good-bye gift for a co-worker who was leaving to open up a pizzeria. The likeness was incredible! Thank you for doing such great work! Pam


We are so pleased with the design and final drawing. Even more, we are excited for our sister/sister-in-law to receive this for her 60th birthday! We are certain she will love it and appreciate the creativity put into it. Thanks! You guys did a great job and were so helpful in the process.  Randy and Julee F


The caricature is great! My future wife and me laughed for 10 minutes! We are looking forward to giving them to the bridal party and seeing their reaction. Great job and thanks again.  Brian L.


Excellent! simply excellent! With very little information the artist created what will probably be the most unique and cherished farewell gift. I would recommend this site to anyone.  Lori B.


I can't believe how realistic you made everyone look. Every time I see the finished product I can't keep myself from laughing. All the groomsmen are going to love this. It is a nice change from the traditional gifts one usually receives for being in a wedding. You guys are Awesome!  Ryan B.


It is AWESOME! I really really like the final product and I am referring your services to everyone I know. Great Job! Thanks, Marylin =0)


Customer service is great as always! Thanks guys! Can't wait for my brother and my nephew to see it!  Mila


The final product was definitely above my expectations. You guys do great work, not to mention speedy. Definitely will be doing business in the future. Great job!  Richard G.


Unbelievable. I gave quite a few details, and you were able to fit almost all of them in. The resemblance is uncanny. Even the dog came out looking exactly like him! I was so bored with all the "traditional" groomsmen gifts ... really, how many times do you actually use a flask or wear cufflinks? My guys will love it. Thanks again!  Keith T.


The likeness of the two faces in the caricature is incredible- right on!!! The customer service is phenomenal. The proof was ready on the date promised and the revision was ready the following day. The revisions were done exactly as we requested. We are all so thrilled with this very unique and personal gift. Thank you! Jackie and family


Perfect!!! You guy's are Great. I will be telling everyone of your talents. Thanks for a great product, great communications and the smiles that I know this will generate. Leesha J.


I just wanted to thank you for such a great job. It is amazing how you can take a couple of photos, a simple blurb from me, and bring a caricature to life. Thanks again.  Jim S.




We thought this was a very cool idea for a retirement gift and the artist caught Henry's personality very well.  Lovington Cheese Plant


I am very excited about the end product. Erin was very helpful in getting my order filled on a timely basis even with delays caused by bad weather and my inability to read payment options. I will do business with them again and have spread the word to all of my friends and family.  Catherine B.


Great gift! Lots of fun to do and VERY easy to execute on. I will recommend this to my friends! Thank you!  Barbara C.


My experience was GREAT!!! Very quick and professional! They took my idea and did exactly what I envisioned, in fact made it even better!!! I am so happy with the results! Thanks so very much!  Rabica S.


Thank you so much - you are spectacular! I am definitely going to order again and will share your talent with others. Thank you again - he's is going to love it. Lisa R.


This is awesome! I can't believe how well it turned out. The caricatures look exactly like my fathers-in-law, brother-in-law and my husband! I know my father-in-law will absolutely love it. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to other people. This is such a great and original gift idea. Your customer service department couldn't be any better. Such sweet girls! Thanks again so much and have a Happy New Year!  Amanda C.


You guys are amazing! I don't know how you did it!!! Thank you! My husband will LOVE it!!!  Amy S.


I can't say enough about the quality of the artwork and the speed of service-even over the holidays. I will definitely be a returning customer.  Lisa S.


You did a great job. The caricature looks a lot like my sister. You gave me exactly what I was looking for.  Dailia S.


I would like to thank you verrrrry much for a wonderful caricature. I absolutely love it...and I am sure my parents will get pleasure from this unique gift. You are amazing! thanks again, Happy Holidays!  Eva M.


This is the coolest most original gift! It's not too expensive and 100% personal!! The staff is so fantastic and helpful and the process is so simple and seamless! The whole experience was very fun and I will definitely use this service again! Such a great artist - he captured my boss so well!! excellent.  Rachelle G.


The picture of my parents created by GiveAcaricature.com exceeded all of my expectations. The artist did a fantastic job bringing to life the exact concept I described. The finished product will be a treasure in our family for generations. Thanks for doing such a great job!  Darren W.


Thanks so much for the tremendous caricature art of our son. We will definitely do this again for our other kids.  Rob K.


I am so amazed by the quality of this caricature. I couldn't be happier with the final result. Thank you so much!  Jennifer B.




I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much! I especially love the expression you put on Ron's face - perfect!! The revisions are also perfect! I have really enjoyed working with your company!!  Pamela E.


I think this is wonderful! My family loves it I can't wait to see the finished product. THANK YOU!   The Schopke Family


Awesome Work!!! Meticulously worked on the detail and still a very prompt service. I am extremely happy and I will any day refer you guys to friends and family who wants caricatures to be done for any occasion.  Mutuk K.


Hi, I just wanted to say how please I am with the way the caricature turned out. What a wonderful idea and I'm thrilled to give this as a gift. Thanks again  Stacey F.


Great staff and service. Thank you for an excellent experience!  N. Lola L.


Everything looks soooo great! I am so impressed with the work! I can't wait for bridesmaids to see them. Thank you again!  Jenna V.


I am REALLY impressed with the quality of the picture and the ease of ordering. Sending the pictures was so easy and the result is truly awesome!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. The website is simple to navigate - especially the order status area. VERY impressed with the level of communication, too.  Kris W.


Great work! I loved it! You fixed everything I needed. I will definitely buy from you guys again. Thank You, this will be a great Christmas Present!   Idalia S.


I got my package on Friday and let me say, I am very impressed! You guys do excellent work and I will surely be recommending you to several friends. I know my groomsmen will be delighted.

I was also impressed with the care and wonderful service you provided to me during the process, Leslie. You even responded to a question I sent in on a Sunday! Terrific.

Keep up the good work.  Matt W.




Great job with the caricature - extremely responsive in terms of making final tweaks to the caricature and very satisfied indeed with the final product. I will definitely be using your company again!  David G.


Thank you for the great picture of my friend, John! I know he will love it for Christmas. I can't say enough about how efficient your service is, from the initial order and uploading of photo's to the turn-around time for the finished product. Very nice job!! Thank you!!!  Diane M.


I LOVE this caricature!! It is exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you soooo much!  Stephanie K.


You guys did a super job, I am very very happy with the service and the people. I am telling everyone about you. Thank you so much for a beautiful gift. Cat P.


I was skeptical on if you would be able to draw an adequate likeness to her, but you did a wonderful job. The best part about it is I got to review it a day earlier than expected! This was especially great since I was cutting it so close to her graduation date. Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my friend's great day!  Niya W.






What a talent! You do awesome work! We have our Christmas party this Saturday Dec. 9th, we are hoping to have the pictures for the party, if you could possibly do that, we would forever appreciate it! Deb B.


The drawing looks great, looks exactly like him. Thank you so much.  Kandi C.


Absolutely, positively, FANTASTIC!!! You have captured the humor and complexity of our dear friend, and made it into such a life-like resemblance of his character. I will recommend this site to everyone I know...what a great gift for someone who has everything!!! THANK YOU!  Alisa D.


The caricature is great, the personal touches far exceeded anything we imagined!  Alan


This looks so great! I can't wait to see the look on our doctor's face when he sees this! It's such a great likeness of him. We will recommend this idea to others!  Laura


This company is AWESOME they take very good care of their customers.  Dennis P.


PERFECT! You have captured my family and friends so perfectly, the cartoon actually seems real! Thank you again!  Alisa D.


I am totally blown away at how awesome this looks. I want to make one for everyone I know!!  Alisa D.


I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this caricature! You did such a great job, it's hilarious! I know my husband will appreciate this truly unique gift. Thank you!!!  Alisa D.




Excellent work. When the proof first scrolled up on my computer and I saw the forehead and eyes, I knew I had a winner and with only one photo to work from. Can't wait to get the framed print and present it to the individual. Special thanks to the artist. Great job!!  Myrna A.


The final product was exactly what I envisioned. Your system was so easy to use and your artists are obviously professionals that truly "listen" to the client. Thank You!  Linda B.


Wow – you have done it again!!!!  In a matter of two months, I have ordered 3 caricatures as gifts, and they are absolutely incredible.  I tried another site that was less expensive, threw my money away, and reordered the same gift with you.  I have recommended you to everyone that sees the pictures as everyone absolutely loves them.  Michele R.


I could not be more pleased with the caricature, it is wonderful. Great, great job. Thank you SO much!!!!!!  Jackie C.


Fantastic service - great artwork and so quickly. I'll be coming back for more I've no doubt. Jackie, B.


Perfect. simply perfect. all of the faces are great. my ideas were worked with and expanded upon with professionalism. my expectations have been greatly exceeded. also I was in a rush and everyone was very cooperative with me in expediting the completion of the caricature. Thank you so much and will be more than happy to pass this company's work on to anyone and everyone. Garrett


I had a truly pleasurable experience working with this site. It was very easy to order my print and upload my pics. The preview was ready earlier than promised, and the revisions were made very quickly. The artist followed the directions in the scene description perfectly, I'm sure the gift will be a great surprise for the newly engaged couple!  Fatima S.




This has been a wonderful new way to celebrate someone. You were able to capture them just as I asked - Kudos to you!  Michelle T.


Your artist rocks! I gave a brief description and he captured exactly what I wanted. Thank you for having a fun alternative in gift giving--great experience!  Jennifer F.


Awesome caricature, looks just like him. Everyone in the office loved it!! Thank you   Elena F.


The whole process was simple and quick. Drawing was done very quickly and look great. Thanks. Lily E.


The service and patience given to me by Give A Caricature were fantastic. This piece is special to my wife and myself. Thank you for giving us something special to remember something special. Sincerely David T.


AWESOME. Thanks a bunch, the picture looks amazing. Everyone will love it. I think it will be one of the best gifts I have ever given. Could you send me the artist's name because he or she did an excellent job. Thanks and Best Regards, Eric L.


Thank you so much for a lovely picture. I know my fiancé will love it as it includes his two favorite girls!  Tara

I really love the caricature that was designed. This was a different kind of groomsman gift that is not seen all the time and it will last a lifetime. Thank you!  Michael R.


We love it!!! You managed to capture the subject's personality perfectly. Customer service was great - you bent over backwards to give us exactly the caricature we were looking for.  Gina, G.


I love it. Just love it and will never forget your name!  Phyllis, K.


I LOVE IT!!! So glad i came across your web sight, this will be thee perfect gift for my husband to be!!!!! I will pass the word around!!!! Thanks, Kristine B.


What a fun, creative gift idea! I didn't know what to get my dad for his 50th birthday, but I know he will love hanging this picture in his office. Much better than any other predictable gift I would normally pick out for him. Thanks for doing such a great job!! -Kate S.


You guys are really great at what you do. The artwork is perfect, and your customer service is outstanding. - Cally B.


It has been a pleasure working with a company that takes the time and effort to produce such a perfect product. The attention to detail is what made my caricature such a masterpiece! This is the greatest gift idea ever! - Sammy


This is my 2nd caricature from you & I am totally happy with them both! You do a terrific job and I can't wait to give them to the lucky recipients. Thanks so much, keep up the good work and I will be ordering again :)- Carrie S.


I am so pleased with the caricature of my parents. My brothers and I all think it's wonderful and are very excited to present them with it at their 50th Anniversary Celebration. Thank you so much for working with us to make it very special to us! Fantastic Job! - Deb T.


I would just like to say that you guys did an absolute wonderful job with everything, from the customer service to the actual artist creating the caricature.  I thank you all very much for helping me find the perfect anniversary gift for my husband, you have truly made it special. Thank you! Sincerely, Catherine G.


I truly didn't expect the caricature to come out as great at it did. Everyone in our office, 18 people agreed on all the items we wanted in the picture and how we thought it should look. Our ideas have come to realization and we are all so thankful. Can't wait to see the actual picture in it's frame with all our signatures around it. Our Boss is going to love it. We will certainly do business again. - Maria O.


In a word....AMAZING, I could not be more impressed with the level of service and the quality of the art. After being in over 10 weddings as an adult and receiving all the usual groomsmen gifts of engraved beer glasses, pitchers, leathermen and flasks; I was ecstatic over the idea of giving a truly unique gift like a framed caricature of all "my guys" to the groomsmen in my own wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Barrett, B.


I have been completely floored but the final product. They listened very well to each one of my requests (no matter how weird) and produced a picture that I know everyone will enjoy for the rest of their life. Thanks for helping make this part of the wedding a memorable one. - Jason D.

This is awesome! Very simple and a gift that is "out of the box." I just reviewed my proof, it's awesome and I can't wait to present this to my best friend! Something he'll have forever! - Sharon M.


In looking for the perfect groomsman gift, I found it in give a caricature. I was tired of looking at flasks, money clips, etc what the normal gift is. I wanting something different and this website and product is great. The customer service by the staff was phenomenal and the proofs that I received were great and the corrections were done very quickly. I will and highly recommend this website to everybody. It is a great idea for any occasion and will be calling again in the future. Thanks again, I can not wait to give them out at my wedding. Michael


I absolutely love the caricature you did of my mom. It is so perfect and looks better than I imagined it too look. She is going to love it and it will be perfect for her upcoming retirement party. I will definitely spread the word to everyone at the party and everyone I know for that matter on how wonderful your work really is. I love it. Thanks again, Leslie


The picture looks great we really like what you have done. We look forward to working with you in the future as we have a large company with many offices around the area. this is a great gift for employees.Katie M.


I was a little skeptical about these pics. I didn't think that it would really look like my husband. When I received the proof, I got chills! I will be a customer for life. You guys exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much. Stephanie M.


I am so pleased with the artistic likeness. I appreciate the promptness and effort on your part to make it just right. It is going to be difficult to wait for the occasion to present it to the person. (December) Thanks, Juanita


The picture looked great. well worth the price. the likeness is stunning. almost crazy. thank you very much. -Paul B.




GiveAcaricature.com is a great idea for a gift for any occasion. There service is professional and prompt. My instructions were followed to a perfectly and the detail work is great. My proof was ready in 6 business days and was done beautifully. I recommend this website to anyone looking for a unique gift idea. - Jeff T.


The artist did an absolutely incredible job! The resemblances are uncanny! I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a unique and personalized gift. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and will be surely use this site again in the future. GREAT JOB!!! - Bryan H.


This is absolutely perfect! You have captured each of us with unbelievable perfection. Your service was fast and impeccable. I will definitely order gifts from you again. THANK YOU!!!!  - Kim G.


I am thrilled with the proof you sent! That is amazing, it really looks just like him!! This will probably be the first gift in 10 years that my husband really loves! I have to admit the price almost scared me away... but the quality and the artist's obvious talent makes it worth it! I thank you again for the excellent communication and hysterical finished product. We will enjoy it for years...I am sure. Sincerely, Teresa B.


The Proof looks great!!! I can not wait to get the framed prints. I am giving them as a Bridal Party gift to my Groomsmen. The service that I received from anyone I spoke with was excellent. They resolved any issues or questions that I had. The whole process thus far has been excellent. I will recommend to others. A very unique gift to give or just to have for yourself. I even ordered one for myself!! Thanks for all the help!!  Dan B., Wethersfiled, CT


Love it - when I saw the caricature, I couldn't believe how much it truly captured the individual's personality - it looks just like her! This is a retirement gift - I know she is going to both laugh and cry when she sees it! Great job!

Pam B., Darlington, MD


I think the work is fantastic feel free to use our work on the website. We have ordered two different caricatures from you and they have both been fantastic. Thanks a bunch! 

Jillian M., Union, NJ


Thank you so much for working with me on creating an unbelievable caricature of my 7 groomsmen and myself. The artist did a great job capturing their personalities and characteristics. This will prove to be a great groomsmen gift. Thank you.

Bryan M, San Jose, CA


What a wonderful experience. Thank you for your professionalism, promptness, not to mention the creative and amazing artwork you produced. Thank you. I look forward to doing business again with you in the near future.

Christopher H., NYC

Hello there!  I just want to say thanks very much for the beautiful caricature you made for my husband's military retirement.  He really liked it a lot.  We had all our guests sign the mat around the picture, and it really made a unique and memorable gift.  I'll keep you in mind for future gift-giving!  Thanks again,

Joni L., Enon, OH


The caricature is awesome!!!! Thank you so much! Great Job!!

Stacey C., Chapleau, ON Canada


This looks incredible! The faces are fantastic, too! I must say, I was worried how a mug shot would turn out, but it is as if you somehow figured out the side shot and incorporated it into the work. I definitely will recommend you to my friends in the future. thank you so much!

Eric S., Silver Spring, MD


The timeliness of the work was amazing! It's definitely as advertised. The proof's not exactly what I thought it would be (or how I described)... but it's uncanny how lifelike the images are. Bravo! I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks!!

Nikolai L., Mauldin, SC


Wow! This is nice =) My request was followed to every detail! Great job. Thanks!

Wilfredo R., Salt Lake City, UT


Everything Looks great, he is going to love it. This is my second caricature order from your company and you did not disappoint. Thanks again,

Robert L., Wrightstown, NJ


This looks great! You all incorporated all of the elements we wanted into the picture. Thank you!

Emily W., Mt. Juliet, TN


Looks great! THANK YOU! You guys have earned a repeat customer and many recommendations to my friends and family. If you need to overnight it to get it to me by July 15, just let me know how much more that'll cost. I also want to order a copy of this for myself, but there's no rush on that. Thanks again!

Courtney P., Madison Heights, MI


This looks terrific! I know Sam will be blown away when he sees himself getting a Tony! You guys are amazing!

Nicolle H., Chicago, IL


Looks great! The print on the T-Shirts was small, so I couldn't tell if the spelling was correct, but from what I could see it looked like it was good. This is a great product, I'll definitely use this for future clients.

Theresa M., Edmond, OK


Great Work!!!! I think you guys have done an excellent job. I'm sure my Groomsmen will be very happy with their gift. Thank You

Paul F., Mississauga, ON Canada


I am so happy with this picture, you guys did an awesome job and I am really excited to receive it.

Tiffany T., Ventura, CA


Thank you so much for the fast service. All my co-workers & I are pleased with the results & are sure that the 2 that are leaving us will also enjoy the gifts!

Melissa, P., Chesapeake, VA


Everything Looks perfect. Thanks so much. You guys did a great job. Please email me the picture. Scott

Scott P., Richmond, VA


Great job! The likeness of him is nearly perfect. I'll recommend you to all of my friends and family!

Michael O., Chicago, IL


This will result in lots of smiles.

Carol H., Bremerton, WA


It looks wonderful, I cannot wait to get the final piece. Thanks for you quick turn around.

Candace C., Coral Springs, FL


Great Job! Just what I was looking for - its well worth the money! Thanks!

Richelle H., Easton, PA


I am very pleased with the proof. Better than I could have imagined. Can't wait to get the finished product. I am sure she will love it!

Mike H., Stapleton, GA


Thank you for making the picture the way we wanted it. I am sure she will love it!

Kathy B., Pine Bush, NY


The picture exceeds my expectations. Every detail that I requested is in the picture and I'm sure they will stimulate memories for many years. This is going to make a great surprise gift for a great friend of mine. Thanks you so much.


Giuseppe B., Sagamore Hills, OH


Looks awesome! Thank you!!!

Jason T., San Diego, CA



Paola V., Chardon, OH


You did a great job adding the elements and scene description I gave you. As a graphic artists myself (illustration not being a strong suit) I can really appreciate how tough it must be to create something with little to go on. Very well done.

Ron S., Arlington Heights, IL


I love the picture. Its just what I was hoping for. Its terrific and I cant wait to give it as a gift, my best man is going to love it. Thank you so very much.

Brad B., Lawrence, KS


Approved. Thank you so much, you did an excellent job capturing the characteristics of each of the guys.

Scott H., Tustin, CA


The caricature is just perfect, great job!

Marisa D., Edinburg, TX


This looks fantastic! We our really impressed by the artist's rendition of our employee! Thanks so much for your time and effort!

Stefanie V., Grand Junction, CO


ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I'm so excited to give this gift to my husband for our very first wedding anniversary! He is going to LOVE IT! I'm beyond pleased. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Kim D., Loveland, CO

I want to say something first! You guys totally made my day. The proof is unbelievable!!!!!!!!! I want to thank you guys . I recently lost two of my good friends on April 3, I watched them fall 14 stories to there death on a construction site accident. Maybe you heard it was all over the news everywhere, it did a real number on me. To make a long story short, I wanted to do something special for these 7 guys in my wedding there my best friends.  And for months before the accident I couldn't find the right gift, so I gave up. And then three nights after the accident I wasn't sleeping very well I decide to try again and your site came up. I must of checked a hundred times online and your site never came up.. And all of a sudden that night it came up. IT WAS A SIGN!!!!!  I haven't laughed in awhile and I cracked up looking at that proof!! THANK YOU- THANK YOU- THANK YOU You run a very good business all you employees I have talked have been great. Please thank the artist for me and everyone involved.  I am very pleased and I cant wait to receive it!  Thank you again.

Mark J., Lynn, MA

She LOVED IT!!!!!!. She said it was her to a tee with the casino and her Harley. She just can't get over it, she just loves the pic. Thank you again and please thank the artist. Great job and wonderful customer service.

Carrie K., Modesto, CA

Leslie,  I just want to say again how impressed with the caricature I am.  It is amazing how close their likenesses are to the real thing!  The little quirks the artist put into the drawing are phenomenal, almost like he has known these guys as long as I have!  With all of the things to worry about with getting married, I can chalk this up to a great decision!  

Mark P., Telford, PA


Dear Leslie,  I just want to say WOW!!! It is amazing and I look forward to receiving the finished product.

David B., Mullica Hill, NJ


Thank you so much! The caricature looks really great. That's something we think our Dad will enjoy for a long time and look back on all his years at work with a smile. Thank you for your help in bringing it to life!

Karen N., Euless, TX


This looks awesome. You have my approval. Thank you so much, he is going to love it!

Jen B., Woodbridge, NJ


That looks amazing, I am very satisfied. Thanks!

Shannon G., Oshowa ON - CANADA

This is perfect!  Absolutely perfect!  Thank you so much for making this happen in time for our party. 

Janice F., San Jose, CA


This is great!  Thank you so much, especially for the quick turnaround.

Samantha H., Mississauga ON – CANADA



Jason M., Valencia, CA


looks great. please proceed. thanks!!!

Kristi M., Westminster, MD


THIS IS EXCELLENT!  You captured my husband perfectly, and me as well  (expect I would like to have that body in real life).  I approve this proof totally.  Please complete the process and ship. 

Claudine R., Bluffton, IN


Perfecto!!!  Thanks, its terrific

Gretchen P., Camby, IN


Absolutely Love it, Love it, Love it!! I didn't expect you to incorporate his retirement invitation into the picture, what a wonderful idea, it looks great! –

Marlo B., Cedar Rapids, IA


I love it!! It IS really funny. Great idea. The guys will love it! They did a great drawing on each guy.

Melinda L, San Francisco, CA


Hey Leslie, love the proof....tell the artist he's the man....

Adam L., San Francisco, CA


I love LOVE LOVE it!!  It’s Awesome!

Leslie K. , Austin, TX


We got the proof today and it looks great!  We LOVE it!!!  Your artist is great. 

Lisa, G., Cohoes, NY


It's great  - I love it - can't wait to see it matted and framed with the engraved plaque. Wonderful job - thanks so much.

Debbie, L.  Artesia, NM


Hello Leslie, It looks great please go ahead and finish it.  I will be telling all my friends of you're great work you do.  Thanks again.

Mary, M. Newmarket, Cork, Eire, Ireland


I LOVE it!!   You did a fabulous job... Again... thank you for all your effort.  It makes a really cool 50th birthday gift for a best friend who has everything, and I'll bet that some of our friends will be checking out your website after they get a look at it.  I can't wait to get it!  :)

Debra N., San Marcos, CA


Dear Leslie,  I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!  You’ve captured the look and feel wonderfully!  Thank you so much!  I will be recommending you to all of my friends and ordering more in the future! 

Kathy H., Cleveland, OH


It looks great and we love it  You’re the best.  Please proceed with completion of our order.

Greg B., Montreal, QC  Canada


Hi Erin,  Loved the proof - it's definitely a go!  Thank you.

Pat S., Cicero, NY


This is perfect! Thanks GiveAcaricature.com.

Argel S., Sacramento, CA


I LOVE it! Please go ahead with the order.  Thank you!.

Delia B., Carmel, IN


Approved!  This is perfect!!!  Thanks!!!

Maria M., League City, TX


We absolutely love the proof.  One minor detail needs to be changed, please make my (the groom with the 10 and jack) eyes blue. Other then that everything is perfect my fiancée and I have been laughing since we opened the link.  Thanks

Robert L., Wrightstown NJ


This looks absolutely great! 

Angela, S., Washington DC


This is exactly what I was hoping for!  You guys have done a wonderful job working with me!   Trust me in that I will be back to use your company in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.  Again, I could not be more pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heath P., Birmingham, AL


Hi Leslie,  I really like it!  Again, I think its great and it’ll go over very well.  I’ll definitely be recommending you.  Thank you.

Michael M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL


This is sooo wonderful! Thank you...

Anna L., Freehold, NJ


It looks fantastic! You have my approval! Thank you very much!

Angela O., Margate, FL


You guys are AWESOME!

Michelle, M., Elizabethtown, ON Canada


The proof looks great! Thanks so much. We look forward to presenting this to Kermit at his retirement party on March 23! Stephanie, M., Bismark, ND


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!   it looks wonderful, I totally approve. I look forward to receiving it. – Christi C., Sterling, VA

That's great, I love it. I started laughing when I opened it. Thank you so much!

Selena D., Springfield,  PA


ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!  Thank you so much....I actually spoke with my husband and will be placing an order for ourselves after the Christmas rush...I sincerely hope all of your customers are as satisfied as I am...You nailed my friends TO A TEE!!!!   They are going to love this...Many thanks and Happy Holidays.... 

Jill R. ,Jensen Beach, FL


We love it and think it will be perfect for our fathers retirement. You did and great job and we will be using you in the future.  Thanks. 

Jillian T., New York, NY


Thank you again, so very much, for your great work and the information.  It has been a real pleasure.

Joan N. Anaheim, CA


I absolutely love it.......can't wait to see the real thing, Thank you for being so prompt.

Polly H., Sellingsgrove, PA


APPROVED!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!  I cannot wait to give this to my step-father for Christmas.  It's perfect!  Thank you so very much!  I can promise you that I will be spreading the word on your talents, and getting you more business to come! 

Jerusha, T., Houston, TX


We all absolutely LOVE it, we have decided that we like the one where he is sitting ON (proof 2) the desk not behind it. You truly are great artists! Thanks so much!  Thanks again.

Jenna Y., Waycross, GA


I wanted to send a thank you to the actual artist that designed this picture.  If I send it to you, would you forward it on, or do you have a New York address that I should send it directly to him at?  Also, do you have a name?  Thank you so much for ALL of your help...you have been wonderful! Happy Holidays!

Beryl M., Bellefonte PA


It looks great!!! Thank you so much. I was really stuck on what to get Kelsey for Christmas and this is perfect. She will love the idea. Again thank you very much.

Jodi S., Glassboro NJ


I received the caricature last night that I had done of my boyfriend and I on our motorcycles.  The proof you sent did no justice to the actual picture.  Your company did a wonderful job and I can't be more pleased.  It is the cutest picture ever and the matting and framing is perfect.  I know my boyfriend is going to love it.  This is the Christmas present of the year!!  Please thank the artist who did the picture and please pass along a big hug.  Thank you for all of your help and patience.  I absolutely love it : )  Merry Christmas and I will certainly pass your website on to my friends!!!

Lee N, Derry, NH


Perfect!  This looks exactly like him-I love it!  Thank you, please feel free to proceed with the order.  Again, many thanks!

Krista A. , McConnellsburg, PA


Thank you...the proof is perfect.  No changes.  Thanks again!

 M. O’Neill, Philadelphia, PA