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Feb 2021

Eric Jones – Snow Carvings

Eric just can’t turn it off! After a fall season full of amazing pumpkin and gourd carvings, he’s moved onto snow carvings this winter.

With these snow carvings, Eric’s raised over $2400 for Josh Allen’s charity, the Patricia Allen fund. And he’s not stopping there! He plans to continue with other snow projects and raise funds for local charities, too.

Bumble, the Abominable Snowmonster

We’re eager to see what crazy, creative art Eric comes up with next!

Oct 2020

Halloween Wars 2020 Finale

The 10th season finale of Halloween Wars aired on Sunday night. It all came down to the top two teams: Crave Diggers (Eric’s team!) and Mummies Rejects. And man, it was a close one!

First there was the Small Scare challenge with a prompt to show a bug attack! In an effort to be unique, Mummies Rejects chose a giant wasp — “No one else would pick that!” their candy expert declared. Meanwhile, the Crave Diggers decided on…a giant hornet.

Having two such similar ideas really highlighted the differences in each team’s style. While the other team focused more on realistic horror, the Crave Diggers have tended to portray horror through a more campy, humorous lens. Makes total sense for a team with a caricature artist!

The Crave Diggers won the Small Scare, so Eric had first pick of the pumpkins for the Spine Chiller challenge. The final challenge prompt? Creating a scene with a jump scare!

Eric working on a face in their final project of the season.

Eric’s team decided to focus on a classic scene: a babysitter sitting on a sofa, and a terrifying monster rising up from behind her as a scared child looks on. The faces of the babysitter and child had Eric’s classic cartoony style, a style he’s showcased throughout the season (and in his caricatures). But his monster showed that he can capture true horror as well!

Eric’s teammates, Joel and Jeff, putting finishing touches on their jump scare scene.

Alas, the Crave Diggers ultimately lost to Mummies Rejects’ horror scene of a birthday-party-crashing clown.

Although his team didn’t win the big $50,000 prize, Eric still enjoyed his time on Halloween Wars, working with his teammates, learning new skills, and would do it all over again!

Oct 2020

One Episode Left!

The Crave Diggers, Eric’s team on Halloween Wars 2020, has made it to this season’s finale!

In last Sunday’s episode, Eric and his team struggled a little with the Small Scare challenge. But when it came to the main Spine Chiller challenge, they went hard! They created a scene of a Wall Street banker trapped in a bathroom, trying — and failing — to hide from a terrifying tentacled monster.

“I can really feel, Eric, that you are an animator because it really does feel like a storyboard, it does feel claustrophobic, and it makes me really freaked out!” gushed this week’s guest judge, actress Jocelin Donahue.

Plus their dessert (made by Eric’s teammate, Joel) of apple-scented bone marrow crème brulee somehow looked both creepy and delicious!

Unfortunately they still lost the challenge to opposing team, Mummies Rejects — who they will face off against in the season finale this weekend! Join us in watching Food Network this Sunday at 9pm/8c to cheer on Eric and the Crave Diggers!

Oct 2020

Eric’s Team Has Made It to the Final 3!

In last weekend’s episode of Halloween Wars, our caricature artist Eric Jones — member of the Crave Diggers team — carved some amazing characters! His team won the Small Scare challenge, creating a mad scientist’s monstrous pet.

Unfortunately, they were narrowly beat by an opposing team in the final challenge (though Eric’s carved “caricatures” were highly praised!). But the Crave Diggers remain in the running as one of the top three teams. This Sunday, they’ll be competing for a spot in this season’s Halloween Wars finale!

Sep 2020

Halloween Wars 2020

It’s finally time! GiveAcaricature’s artist Eric Jones will be starring in this year’s Halloween Wars.

Each team on Halloween Wars consists of three team members: candy maker, cake decorator, and pumpkin carver. You may have seen in previous posts, Eric’s incredible carving talent!

Eric Jones with his gargoyle carving

Halloween Wars 2020 premieres this Sunday, Sept 13, on Food Network. Join us in cheering on Eric!

Oct 2019

Happy Halloween!

Eric Jones, the lead artist at GiveAcaricature, has wrapped up filming for 2020’s season of Halloween Wars, where he’ll star as the pumpkin carver on his team. A true creative, he’s continued to create some downright incredible pumpkin & gourd carvings this month.

creepy pumpkin carving by Eric Jones

These carvings speak for themselves. Aren’t they insane?!

In a previous blog post, we mentioned that his carving of Al Roker was on the Today Show in 2014. We are so excited to see what he created for next season’s Halloween Wars. In the meantime, these spooky carvings will tide us over!

Pennywise from IT carving

We’ll definitely be posting about his Halloween Wars run next year, so keep an eye out!

Jul 2019

GiveAcaricature artist Eric Jones to compete on Halloween Wars as a pumpkin carver!

Fall is always one of our favorite seasons – and now we have even more reason to love fall: our lead artist Eric Jones, will be competing in the upcoming Season of Food Network’s Halloween Wars as a Pumpkin Carver!

Eric has been carving pumpkins for his family’s and neighbors enjoyment for a while now. If you follow our FaceBook page, you’ve likely seen some of his creations that we’ve posted in the past. In 2014 his pumpkin carving of Al Roker got the attention of the Today Show! Check out the video here: https://www.today.com/video/today/56310082

Eric Jones Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Wars is a reality competition that will run over the course of 4 weeks in October. The show pits teams made up of cake sculptors, sugar artists, and pumpkin carvers (Go Eric!) against each other to produce the ultimate Halloween themed display.

Stay tuned for more – we’ll be posting updates as we have them! We can’t wait to see what Eric will create on Halloween Wars!

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